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Portable Yahoo Messenger

Miki - April 26, 2006 - 3:19am
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Thank you very much Ashes for Tears. This is going to help me a lot, I can now borrow a computer from anyone, plug on my USB Drive and start a voice conversation on Yahoo Messenger with the whole world.

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Portable Miranda IM

I think Portable Miranda IM which can be D/L from here support Yahoo Messenger and more.

Don't want to carry a computer, but I do need the software anytime!!!

Don't want to carry a computer, but I do need the software anytime!!!

Give me a few days and we'll

Give me a few days and we'll see. I must warn you though: it may be about 12MB or so, so it may not be the best of choices...

Request Help

Hi everyone

I have tried using Reg Rapper to port Yahoo Messenger but not successful. Can anyone please help me to do a portable Yahoo Messenger.


GAIM does it very well (well at least the linux version does)
It is already a portable app Smiling

Portable Yahoo Messenger

Gaim is a very good IM apps but I do a lot of voice over through Yahoo Messenger. Most of my friends leave voice message in my Yahoo Messenger, if only someone can make it portable for me so that I don't have to carry my notebook around. Thanks

Portable Yahoo Messenger Link

Hi, Ashes for Tears. If it possible I dearly ask you to post the link where we can download Portable Yahoo Messenger.



I was having a bit of trouble with that, and I don't have access to everything at the moment. If I can work out the kinks I'll post back. But at the moment things are a bit hectic.




its good


You resurrect a 6 month old topic to say 3 words?
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Portable Yahoo Messenger Link

Thank for your help

A link to Portable Yahoo Messenger

Hello, I think I'm missing something from above post. Does anybody know if there is a portable version of Yahoo Messenger that will work with Yahoo voice chat or VOIP?


Plus, it's closed source and probably illegal to redistribute.
The above poster was asking if Ashes had it. It's not likely as Ashes as disappeared again. Eye-wink
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Yahoo Portable

I dont know if its leagal to share, but i have successfuly ported yahoo messenger 8 and all its features.i will gave a link to download the zip file but i dont know if it is leagal to distibute. just extract the zip file and double click the yahoo.bat file. be sure to extract the file to the root of your flash drive or portable hard drive you are keeping it on. it should open yahoo messenger if not, navigate to My Computer> Removable Disk Y> YahooMessenger.exe then double click on the yahoomessenger.exe i have not tested this on a computer that has not already had yahoo messenger installed, so this may not work. if it doesnt not, please contact me and i will try to fix it.

[Illegal software link removed by moderator JTH. This is your first and only warning. Posting modified packages of software you do not have permission to modify (say by an open source license or permission from the publisher) is illegal under US and international copyright law and is not permitted here.]

Yahoo Voice?

I know this might seem like "this years's daft question" BUT . . .

I have used used YIM, MSM, AIM for voice and found them fine holding conversation with folk on the other side of the world. However, what was wrong with Netmeeting for voice. Many people have found that Miranda and Gaim (which i've found fine and no problems) allows one to communicate messages but not getting into voice conversation at busy times. Having a separate Voice package allows one to have a less 'bloated' application than Skype on one's system. (Most seem to use Skype for messaging anyway and occasionally voice so why bother with it? Yes it does have encryption but if one is not going to discuss 'military secrets' why the need for encryption!)

The main providers seem to dish out 'compulsory' updates on a monthly basis which i don't want to be bothered with - particularly for the advanced features. Compulsory in the sense that the old version ceases to work. Hence my reason for using Miranda (just find it a little faster than Gaim to use).

PC-telephone, Tesco internet phone etc and any of the numerous Voice only packages offer VOIP technology equivalent to skype. There is now a portable D-VOICE (

So the daft question; it would seem the ideal solution is to have Miranda or Gaim and a small voice package or netmeeting for the occasional conversation when required - WHY DOESN'T THIS DEVELOPMENT TAKE PLACE. I had to stop using Skype as i couldn't afford the space along with each of the IM programs - and each of their updates messing up my machine every month or so.

It seems to me that the situation is defeating itself. Far too many programs to be bothered with. Netmeeting is something we've all got from Microsoft on our machines and yet rarely used it it seems.

Just be interested to know what drives this situation - i know many [like me] have just dropped the idea of using voice that's all and just stick to plain text messaging as a result of the update 'market'.

Kind replies - i'm obviously missing out on much knowledge.


its good

Thanks for share

Thanks for share

is it possible

is it possible to do this with yahoo msg