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Portable Google Earth Launcher

quinton - January 28, 2007 - 8:03pm
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Hey everyone. This is my first portable app Launcher. I hope you enjoy.

Just Copy the Google Earth directory in to the app folder.

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Even though you can't post

Even though you can't post the software itself you can still post the launcher legally.

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I get the following error message after the Portable Splash:

Google Earth could not write to the current cache or myplaces file location. The values will be set as follows:

MyPlaces Path: "C:\Documents and Settings\Matt\Application Data\GoogleEarth"
Cache Path: "C:\Program Files\Google\Google Earth\Cache"

After I click OK, the program launches normally. I'm running this on a fully-patched XP Home system that has a local copy of Google Earth installed. I'll try it at work tomorrow on a machine that does not have a local install, and let you know if the error replicates there.


"I am still learning."

"I am still learning."

Ok. Try putting the cache

Ok. Try putting the cache directory (im not sure exactly where it is at default) into the app\google earth directory. Hope this helps


Test it out. Tell me what you think

Worked well here. (/w GE

Worked well here. (/w GE v4.0.2693 beta)


He made this with my Portable Apps Guide It screws up the local installation.


i get same error as tappet ( ). I have no local install. There are directories (WITH CACHES&BACKUPS!!!) created on the host computer at
C:\Documents and Settings\(USERNAME)\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\GoogleEarth
C:\Documents and Settings\(USERNAME)\Application Data\Google\GoogleEarth
where (USERNAME) is my username on the pc.

plus there are (empty) folders on the portable drive at
(PORTABLEDRIVE)\Documents and Settings\(USERNAME)\Application Data\Google\GoogleEarth
(PORTABLEDRIVE):\Documents and Settings\(USERNAME)\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\GoogleEarth
(PORTABLEDRIVE)\Program Files\Google\Google Earth\Cache
where (PORTABLEDRIVE) is the drive letter of the portable drive and where (USERNAME) is my username on the pc.

the folder structure may fit the PAF, but IT IS NOT PORTABLE!!