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Date Title Topic
2024-05-24 ccPortable 6.24.11060 (clean local PCs via CCleaner)... Freeware Release
2024-05-23 Google Chrome Portable 125.0.6422.113 Stable (web... Freeware Release
2024-05-23 CudaText Portable (developer's text... Open Source Release
2024-05-22 Joplin Portable 2.14.22 (note-taking and todo) Released Open Source Release
2024-05-21 The Legend of Edgar Portable Legacy 1.30-1 XP/Vista (... Open Source Release
2024-05-21 Freeciv Portable Legacy 2.6.11 XP/Vista (empire-... Open Source Release
2024-05-21 QOwnNotes Portable 24.5.6 (markdown note taker)... Open Source Release
2024-05-21 Google Chrome Portable 125.0.6422.77 Stable (web... Freeware Release
2024-05-21 LibreOffice Portable Still 7.6.7 (complete office... Open Source Release
2024-05-21 ExifToolGUI Portable 6.3.2-1 (Image metadata reader... Open Source Release
2024-05-21 WizFile Portable 3.10 (fast file search) Released Freeware Release
2024-05-21 fcpyPortable 5.7.11 (fast file copier and remover via... Freeware Release
2024-05-20 Ventoy Portable 1.0.98 (bootable USB creator) Released Open Source Release
2024-05-20 Unicodia Portable 2.7.1 (Unicode character browser)... Open Source Release
2024-05-20 Google Chrome Portable 127 Dev (web browser) Released Freeware Release
2024-05-20 Supermium Portable 122.0.6261.152 R6 (web browser with... Open Source Release
2024-05-20 mssPortable 1.411.259 (Microsoft Safety Scanner... Freeware Release
2024-05-20 McAfee Stinger Portable (common virus... Freeware Release
2024-05-20 Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool Portable 20.0.11 2024-05-... Freeware Release
2024-05-20 zmPortable 6.0.10 (virtual meetings, video chat, and... Freeware Release
2024-05-18 K-Meleon Portable 76.5.3-2024-05-18 (lightweight,... Open Source Release
2024-05-18 QOwnNotes Portable 24.5.4 (markdown note taker)... Open Source Release
2024-05-18 Ferdium Portable 6.7.4 (online service consolidator)... Open Source Release
2024-05-18 Foxit Reader Portable 2024.2.1 (PDF reader and creator... Freeware Release
2024-05-18 Don't Sleep Portable 9.51 (PC sleep prevention... Freeware Release