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2 files / 1 encrypted & 1 not encrypted

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2 files / 1 encrypted & 1 not encrypted


I managed to mess up with my password and am in trouble.
I encrypted several files which I have no chance of recovering without it.
However, there is one file that is encrypted (lost password)
and I have the very same file decrypted as well, since it is a picture I got from Internet.
Since the content is known, (if I would have my password, I would get the as a result the decrypted version of the file) is there anychance to find out the password again ?

Pls help.

Steve Lamerton
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for the super slow reply to this thread, there is no way of doing this. To quote from the ccrypt website, whcih is the tool Toucan uses:

The encryption algorithm used by ccrypt uses a random seed that is different each time. As a result, encrypting the same file twice will never yield the same result. The advantage of this method is that similarities in plaintext do not lead to similarities in ciphertext; there is no way of telling whether the content of two encrypted files is similar or not.
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