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PA.c Installer 3.3.2 and Platform Installer 14.2 Translations

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PA.c Installer 3.3.2 and Platform Installer 14.2 Translations

The Installer (used for individual .paf.exe installers) and the Platform installer share the same strings for translation. These are a little different than the .locale files included with the platform as they can't be translated and then tested directly by translators. Nor can they use the iniTranslator Portable utility to handle translations. Platform 12.0 debuted a new cloud-portable-local installer with multiple new strings included. The goal of these is to make it easier on the end user to handle install to all the different locations supported by our platform and apps.

To that end, a new NSH file with the strings in English has been made available. A zip file with the new strings as well as existing strings for other languages can be downloaded here: These are the same installers included with the current PA.c Installer 3.3.2. You can also see the strings in action with the Platform 14.2 release.

You can also use the current Google Chrome Portable release to test out other strings including downloading. This way you can see the strings used by the PA.c app installer that aren't used by the platform installer like downloading messages.

Look at the English.nsh as your guide and copy in the missing section to the language you are updating. Switch the ${LANG_ENGLISH} string on each line to the one for your language.

Please post the updated strings as a comment here within PRE tags or on and link to the post. Strings must be submitted by ASAP as the platform is being packaged TODAY to make the cut for inclusion.

Thank you all for your help!

BONUS POINTS: When you're done, please consider helping out with the platform localization if your locale isn't yet up to date or needs some tweaking.

Platform Installer Strings That Have Been Updated

The following locales have been updated for the new installer by translators: Armenian, Basque, Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, English, EnglishGB, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese Brazilian, Russian, SimpChinese, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Spanish International, Turkish, Ukrainian locales.

The following locales have been updated for the new installer using machine translation: Afrikaans, Arabic, Bosnian, Catalan, Croatian, Danish, Esperanto, Estonian, Farsi, Finnish, Galician, Georgian, Greek, Hebrew, Icelandic, Igbo, Indonesian, Irish, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malagasy, Malay, Mongolian, Norwegian, Pashto, Romanian, Serbian, Swahili, Swedish, Thai, TradChinese, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Welsh, Yoruba

The following locales don't have reliable machine translation available and will not work with the new installer, falling back to the old simple installer: Breton, Cibemba, Efik, Kurdish, Luxembourgish, NorwegianNynorsk, SerbianLatin, Valencian

John T. Haller
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New String in PA.c Installer 3.3.x / Languages19

There is a single new string in the PA.c Installer 3.3.x release. The string is as follows:

LangString existingfileswarning ${LANG_ENGLISH} "The folder you have selected ($INSTDIR) is not the standard installation folder for this plugin. This folder contains files within it that may be deleted or altered. Are you sure you wish to install to this folder?"

This string is only used if the user manually tries to install a CommonFiles plugin to a non-standard path that already has files within it but they are not the files for a CommonFiles plugin. This string will rarely be seen.

The following translations have been updated by translators with this new string: English, EnglishGB, French, German, Slovenian

All remaining translations have had a machine-generated translation added where available.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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updated translation for Traditional Chinese
;Courtesy of yorkmak, lkc1811, Walter Cheuk , 2016.

LangString welcome ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "本精靈會引導您安裝 ${PORTABLEAPPNAMEDOUBLEDAMPERSANDS}。$\r$\n$\r$\n如果您要升級已安裝的 ${PORTABLEAPPNAMEDOUBLEDAMPERSANDS},請先將其關閉。$\r$\n$\r$\n按「下一步」以繼續安裝程序。"
LangString finish ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "${PORTABLEAPPNAMEDOUBLEDAMPERSANDS} 已成功安裝在您的裝置。$\r$\n$\r$\n按「完成」結束精靈。"
LangString runwarning ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "請結束所有正在執行的 ${CLOSENAME},並按「確定」繼續。當可攜軟體正在運行,是不能進行升級的。"
LangString invaliddirectory ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "選取的安裝路徑並不正確,請選取正確路徑。"
LangString notenoughspace ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "選取的裝置並沒有足夠的空間安裝本程式。"
LangString checkforplatform ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "尋找 平台中"
LangString refreshmenu ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "更新 選單中"
LangString copylocalfilesnotfound ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "為了使程式可攜,本安裝程式需於本機上複製一份備份。但本安裝程式未能找到該備份。您可能需重新安裝或自行複製所需檔案,以完成安裝程序。 (錯誤:未能找到 $MISSINGFILEORPATH)"
LangString downloadfilemismatch ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "${DownloadName} 損毀並無法安裝!"
LangString downloadfailed ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "安裝程式未能下載 ${DownloadName},是次安裝因欠缺該檔案而無法完成。 (錯誤:$DOWNLOADRESULT)"
LangString extractfailed ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "安裝程式未能從下載封包中取得所需要之檔案,是次安裝因欠缺該檔案而變得不完整。"
LangString downloading ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "正在下載 ${DownloadName} ..."
LangString prepareupgrade ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "準備升級 ${PORTABLEAPPNAME} ..."
LangString installingstatus ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "正在安裝 ${PORTABLEAPPNAME} ..."
LangString downloadremaining ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "[尚餘時間]"
LangString downloadconnecting ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "連線中 ..."
LangString downloadsecond ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "秒"
LangString downloadhour ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "小時"
LangString downloadminute ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "分鐘"
LangString downloadplural ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} ""
LangString downloadof ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "/"

LangString existingfileswarning ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "所選擇的資料夾($INSTDIR)不是這個擴充程式的標準安裝位置。此資料夾包含可能被刪除或修改的檔案。確定要安裝到這個資料夾嗎?"

LangString platformsharedcustomlocation ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "選擇自訂位置..."
LangString platformsharednotfound ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "找不到"

LangString platforminstalltype ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "安裝類型"
LangString platforminstalltypequestion ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "要怎樣安裝?"
LangString platformnewinstall ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "新安裝"
LangString platformnewinstalldetails ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "安裝 平台的新版本到本機電腦、雲端磁碟機或可攜裝置"
LangString platformupgradeinstall ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "升級現有安裝版本"
LangString platformupgradeinstalldetails ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "升級 平台的現有版本"

LangString platforminstalllocation ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "安裝位置"
LangString platforminstalllocationquestion ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "要將平台安裝在哪裡?"
LangString platforminstalllocationcloud ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "雲端 - 安裝到雲端同步資料夾(Dropbox、Google Drive 等等)"
LangString platforminstalllocationportable ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "可攜 - 安裝到可攜裝置"
LangString platforminstalllocationlocal ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "本機 - 只有當前用戶可使用並改動設定"
LangString platforminstalllocationlocalall ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "本機所有用戶 - 所有用戶皆可使用,並共享設定"

LangString platforminstallcloud ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "雲端安裝"
LangString platforminstallcloudquestion ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "要安裝在哪個雲端目錄?"

LangString platformupgrade ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "平台升級"
LangString platformupgradequestion ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "要升級哪個已安裝的平台?"

LangString platforminstallportable ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "可攜式安裝"
LangString platforminstallportablequestion ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "要安裝在哪個可攜裝置?"

LangString platforminstalllocal ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "本機安裝"
LangString platforminstalllocalquestion ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "要安裝在哪個本機路徑?"

LangString platformconfirminstall ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "確認安裝"
LangString platformconfirminstallsubhead ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "請確認以下的安裝詳細資料"
LangString platformconfirmintro ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "已選擇安裝到:"
LangString platformconfirmoutro ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "請點擊「安裝」開始"

LangString platformstartwithwindows ${LANG_TRADCHINESE} "Windows 啟動時,同時自動啟動平台"
John T. Haller
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Included in Platform 14.4

This update has been included in Platform 14.4. Thank you for your contribution. You'll be added to the team page shortly. It will be added to an updated language pack above later this week,

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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