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Features for the portable app developer

This is not a comprehensive list at all and has yet to be filled out a lot.

  • No need to write any code – all configuration is done in an INI file [1].
  • The ability to write custom code for complex situations.
  • Lots of features for the user without you needing to implement any of them [2].
  • No large amounts of repetitive code to maintain lots of times for lots of apps.
  • Single code base which reduces the probability of bugs.
  • Tried, tested and proven technology.
  • Easy to implement new features.
  • Easy to see exactly what’s happening.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Easy.

There are so many features that they’re not all here.


[1]Conditions apply. Occasionally you may need something not supported out of the box. Then you may need custom code.
[2]Well, the rest of the launcher is yours to write. In particular, intelligent language switching is something you need to do yourself.


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