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This section is for telling the launcher whether or not it should load certain things, for example Java and registry support.


Values: true or false
Default: false

If the base application uses the registry, set this to true. You MUST set this to true if you wish the registry sections to be parsed. Otherwise they will not be read at all.


Values: none, find or require
Default: none

If the application can use Java but does not depend on its being available, set this to find, and a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) will be found if available, and the environment variable %JAVA_HOME% will become available for use.

If the application is completely dependant on Java, set this to require. Then you may set [Launch]:ProgramExecutable to javaw.exe (normal use) or java.exe (command line version which may be useful for testing and debugging) and it will use Java.

Caveat: With require, if you can possibly help it, set [Launch]:WaitForProgram or [Launch]:WaitForOtherInstances to false if you use java.exe or javaw.exe. Otherwise you’ll run into problems cleaning up if other Java applications get run, as it’ll look for instances of the application, and find javaw.exe, even though it’s another application’s javaw.exe instance.

See Making Java applications portable for more discussion about Java apps.


Values: true or false
Default: false

If you wish to get the language string from an XML file with [LanguageFile] or write anything to an XML file with [FileWriteN], using their Types XML text or XML attribute, you will need to set this to true. After setting this to true, you will need to regenerate the launcher. This includes the NSIS plug-in, which adds approximately 60KB to the file size of the generated launcher executable.

Don’t worry too much about the possibility of forgetting this; if you try to use any XML features when the launcher has not been compiled with XML support, it will warn you that you need to set this value to true.

See Dealing with XML data for more information about XML support in the PortableApps.com Launcher.

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