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8. PortableApps.com Format Version History and Discussion

An ongoing discussion about PortableApps.com Format and the PortableApps.com Installer is taking place in the Development Forum.

2011-04-12: 2.0: Added CompressionFileSizeCutOff to AppCompactor.ini.

2010-08-01: 2.0: Added AppCompactor.ini.

2010-06-14: 2.0: Added Armenian to supported languages and updated ExtractTo to be clear it has been deprecated.

2010-06-03: 2.0: Added OptionalSectionInstalledWhenSilent, 128px PNG icons, 11 languages, full Unicode support, Operating System category removed, Security category added.

2010-02-26: a few minor spelling and grammar fixes.

2009-11-19: 1.0: Added Dependencies, general cleanup.

2009-06-21: 0.91: Added CommonFiles installers, ability to extract full directory structures recursively.

2009-06-21: 0.91: Added Esperanto.

2009-06-11: 0.91: Added plugin installer details.

2009-05-28: 0.91: Added CopyLocalFiles and DownloadFiles to installer.ini. Added PNG icons.

2009-05-15: 0.90: Updated to new automated PortableApps.com Installer. New appinfo.ini and installer.ini configs.

2009-02-12: DRAFT 4: Added Education category and clarified installer modification notes.

2008-08-05: DRAFT 3: Added Vista 256px icon (optional) and updated PortableApps.com Installer notes.

2008-05-01: DRAFT 2: Added DefaultData description as we use it in many apps and the installer will be supporting it as well (handy for language setups) and the fact that the Data directory must be recreated by the app if missing, which is new but done by all released apps but one.


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