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3. Icons

Within the AppNamePortable\App\AppInfo directory, the icons used by the PortableApps.com Installer and within the PortableApps.com Menu are located. The icons are included in ICO and PNG format. The main icon is called appicon.ico, appicon_16.png, appicon_32.png and appicon_128.png*. If the application also uses multiple icons (as detailed above), these additional icons are named as appicon1.ico (appicon1_16.png and appicon1_32.png), appicon2.ico, etc. The numbers correspond to Start1, Start2, etc within the Control section.

* Note that the 128px variant is optional and not required by the installer to compile. However, publishers are encouraged to include this high-resolution icon for upcoming features in the platform.

The PNG icons are 16x16 and 32x32 respectively and are in True Color format with alpha transparency.

The ICO file is in Windows ICO format and contain the following 6 required formats as well as the optional Vista format if desired:

  • 16px - 256 color (8-bit)
  • 32px - 256 color (8-bit)
  • 48px - 256 color (8-bit)
  • 16px - True Color + Alpha (32-bit / XP format)
  • 32px - True Color + Alpha (32-bit / XP format)
  • 48px - True Color + Alpha (32-bit / XP format)
  • 256px - True Color + Alpha PNG (32-bit PNG / Vista format) *OPTIONAL

* The 256px alpha size is optional. It is used by Windows Vista to display large and extra large icon sizes. Some publishers may wish to use include it for completeness but end users won’t normally see it.

ExtractIcon Note - In packages that make use of the ExtractIcon feature within appinfo.ini, the appicon.ico and PNG versions of the icon will not be used and may be omitted. A generic appicon.ico will be included for backwards compatibility.


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