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PortableApps.com Launcher 2.1.2 release notes

This release fixes a fairly important but not common bug introduced in version 2.1. No new features have been added.

For more information about the 2.1 release, see PortableApps.com Launcher 2.1 release notes.

Bugs fixed

[DirectoriesMove] not backing up some folders

In certain situations with [DirectoriesMove], a variable not being reset would cause local data of the first entry in the [DirectoriesMove] section to be deleted rather than backed up.

For those who like gory details, this bug only surfaces when both [FilesMove] and [DirectoriesMove] are used, the last entry in [FilesMove] is inside the package and the first entry in [DirectoriesMove] is outside.

Here is a sample launcher.ini excerpt which would strike this bug:



This would cause any local data in the %APPDATA%\AppName directory to be lost.

The severity of this bug is strongly mitigated by the fact that no officially released apps are affected by this bug.

This bug was reported by prapper and fixed by kAlug. Further details are available in the bug report.

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