Mozilla Thunderbird, Portable Edition 2.0 Release Candidate 1

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Submitted by John T. Haller on April 9, 2007 - 8:03pm

Thunderbird logoMozilla Thunderbird, Portable Edition version 2.0 Release Candidate 1 has been released. It's the popular Mozilla Thunderbird email client bundled with a launcher as a portable app, so you can test out the latest Thunderbird release without affecting your locally installed version. This new release updates the included Thunderbird to 2.0 RC 1 and finalizes the slight name change to the package. It's packaged in PortableApps Format so it can easily integrate with the PortableApps Suite. It is available for immediate download from the Mozilla Thunderbird, Portable Edition homepage.

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It supports Gmail mailboxes by default, message tagging and has a brand new theme. I like its layout, and will give it a try, currently Sylpheed satisfies me.

Hi everybody,
I've been using Eudora for the last 10 years and I have the archive of all my sent/received emails for the 14 accounts that i manage.
On January I decided to give TB portable a try and I'm using it since then.
There are some nuisances:

- to load images of an email I'm forced to add the sender to my address book
- the remote images are not saved into the mail but reloaded every time
- the junk filter is stupid.. even if i mark a mail as "not scam" the filter doesn't move the mail to the inbox and more over it doesn't remember my choice
- on some address book entry the nickname and the display name are not consistent and I have to delete and insert them manually again
- the search function is the slowest search ever
- the tag system is unusable (to intercept the account used for an email I had to create a special code, and on IMAP accounts it is not possible)
- I can't find a way of log file what TB does
- the input recipient system row-by-row is not handy at all
- I like to write all my reply and then choose "send unsent messages" so they are sent all together, however the time is the time of when I completed them, not the time of when I send them, and the original message doesn't get the icon of replied or forwarded.

ecc. ecc.

Said all this, I like the Mozilla project and I want to support it, so ok.

In the last weeks I sent some important emails,and even if I could find all those mail in the "sent" folder of my TB, I got no reply, so i personally checked with the recipients and they never received them.

I did some experiments paying close attention to the window of TB and I realized that when TB was sending my unsent messages in the queue, TB was connecting to different SMTP servers from the one that I set as default.
However, at the end of the sending process, i could find all my messages in the "sent" folder.

I have 5 SMTP server to choose from, so I have entered all of the them in the options of TB, but it seems that multiple SMTP servers are not well managed by TB.

I'd like to know how much soon you plan to release the portable edition of TB, since if I have the same problem with the official release, I will be forced to move to another client.

Thank all of you for the time of reading my email.

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