CoolPlayer+ Portable 2.17.1 Released

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Submitted by John T. Haller on May 21, 2008 - 1:17am

CoolPlayer+ logoCoolPlayer+ Portable 2.17.1 has been released. CoolPlayer+ Portable is a modified version of the popular CoolPlayer audio player packaged as a portable app, so you can listen to your audio files and playlists on the go. It includes a custom skin with equalizer and shade mode support as well as a themed playlist. It's packaged in Format for easy use from any portable device and integration with the Suite. And it's open source and completely free.

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CoolPlayer+ Portable ScreenshotCoolPlayer+ Portable is an easy to use audio player with lots of great features:

  • Custom Skin by NeoRame with support for standard, equalizer and shade mode (fits into a Windows titlebar)
  • Simple User Interface
  • Advanced Playlist editor
  • Internet streaming
  • ID3 Multitagger
  • File Renamer
  • Fast mp3->wav converter
  • MAD mpeg engine
  • OGG Vorbis support
  • Winamp input plugins support
  • Smallest executable programmed in blazing fast 'C'
  • Continuous play
  • 8 band convolution equalizer
  • Lots more...

CoolPlayer+ Portable is based on CoolPlayer. Installer / Format

CoolPlayer+ Portable is packaged in a Installer so it will automatically detect an existing installation when your drive is plugged in. And it's in Format, so it automatically works with the Suite including the Menu and Backup Utility.


CoolPlayer+ Portable is available for immediate download from the CoolPlayer+ Portable homepage. Get it today!

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Awesome work to both of you! Smile NeoRame, the skin looks fantastic!

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Just give it a few minutes.

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Grammar: "Lot's more" should be "Lots more".

Thanks, John!

millarrp: we already had VLC Media Player - but CoolPlayer+ definitely looks cooler! Blum

Also, John, CoolPlayer+ Portable doesn't seem to show up in the "Applications" menu on the left, where it should, under "Music & Video", when you're in the VLC or VirtualDub pages... any idea why? It does on the ones above it. Perhaps we just need to wait for the server's cache to die.

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This is AWESOME! The skin is great, it works as good or better than Winamp 2.81. I've been using Winamp 2.81 since it's release (every subsequent release has been inferior), and now I finally have a FOSS app that replaces it!!! I literally have replaced all of my apps with a FOSS portable app. You guys are amazing. Only a couple of things I miss from commercial or closed source products:

a utorrent replacement.
a civilization 2 replacement.
a skype replacement.
a portable mupen64+.

Maybe look at integrating Project M into the new cool player? I didn't like cool player till the new skin. AWESOME!!! MAN YOU GUYS ARE KICKING ASS NOW!!!

Project M is an open source continuation of Milkdrop:

This is all CoolPlayer+ Portable is missing to make it the winamp killer I've been looking for (though it's already replaced 2.81 on my machine, AWESOME JOB!).

PS I'd like to see an identical skin but in a few other colors: Blue, Green, Gray, Black, White, Orange, Yellow... The Red is sweet, though, for starters!!! AWESOME SKIN!!!

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I sang the praises too high, too early, loading more than 16,646 songs in the playlist causes a hard crash. I tried reducing the number to 7,000 and had a similar crash..... Still, it's great for my internet radio stations. THANKS!

Put all violators of the Constitution in jail.

Read my comment below.

I ahve tried to load my library of 17676 tracks in it and it was done in several seconds (well, maybe ten ot twenty), though, it still reads tags for about a minute already, but you can start playing music right after it shown the tracks list.

Thanks John. I really like this one.
It takes long (45 sec) to close but Ill open a thread abut that.

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I've just tested this. It works smoothly! Thank you very much! Smile

Hi all!

I recommend you to use AIMP, its current version (2.5 beta) allows not only to store all your setting locally, but also:

- it uses relative paths to the music and allows to start playing from the second you have closed it at
- WOW! It allows you to use the library THAT ALSO USES RELATIVE PATHS!

I haven't found other player that allows the same.

Sure, all current standards are supported, all common formats, both lossy and losless, latest beta (fifth, released yesteday) introduced long-awaited (at least by me) plugin.

Give it a try!

You can download it here:

and unpack the installer by UniExtract.

Sorry for being a noob, but I think you need to be more clear on where to install plug-ins for this application...the website says they go in the default directory, but the directory structure for portable apps is a little more complicated...

So...a two-week no response means Portable Coolplayer can't support plug-ins? I guess everyone will either have to use normal Coolplayer since it's already portable or something for which the plug-ins work like XMPlay...

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As always, the best place for support questions is in the forums. Comments on a news story are usually lost.

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I've tried getting it to various directory locations, including USB root, the portable directory root, and various other combinations to NO AVAIL!
Permanently deleted it. And believe not going to bother with it again!!!!

Secondly, forum search function doesn’t work to lead user to where he wants to go.
So if you don’t like this post, oh well.....

And in addition the replies seem to be indicating the user is less than inept. Which btw is hardly the case. Just my opinion.

Also trying to figure out where to put this without a good search system, makes it rather academic.

1. Can you please provide a bit clearer description of the issue? Is coolplayer not opening the directories you tell it to load music from, or can coolplayer not install/copy anywhere? We're willing to help, it's just easier to do if we have more info.

2. The search feature is rather weak, I've had issues with it myself and still get lost every now and then when I try to use it. BTW, the support forums are here, and if the app doesn't have it's own support forum, posts belong in Other Apps Support. (Not trying to be critical, just pointing out the location for future reference)

3. Where is somebody indicating a user is less than inept? We do have a few people that go overboard with criticism and seem to assume that all users should be as "smart" as them, but it doesn't happen often, and in some cases, their comments are intended as jokes, but don't always come across that way.

4. The search feature wont tell you where to post, it will just bring back existing posts on the particular subject. Frome those posts i guess it's possible to infer where to post your issue, but if a post doesn't exist already for your particular app or issue, you won't get much out of that.

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for your various combinations so we don't waste yours or our time.

Our replies may seem that the questioner is a novice, but we work with what we get. If we are told the actual steps one has tried, we build upon that.

And yeah, search function is not as good as we may want, but the main reason for that is the search words. If it hasn't come up before, it won't come up now. If there aren't a lot of posts on the search word criteria, you're not going to get a good results.

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I can't play my WMA files! Can't CoolPlayer play that format?


"This plugin seems to work only with CP214 and older. Someone tested it with CP215 and it didn't work. So, no garanty on this one"

this may be a good program why cant it play these files. WMA files are smaller than MP3s allot of people use that format on there players as you can fit more onto them. so if there could be a modified app that could work on any flash drive/mp3 player, with this portable app it would be great are you working on it. I like the fact that Cool Player is small and very compact.
In the mean time i will just try VLC Media Player Portable. maybe i will stick with this if it can play wma files.

Give me a good reason not to move from cool player and I might just stay.

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WMA is a proprietary format and only supported by certain hardware and software players. Most people who rip their music do so in MP3 format. It's supported by absolutely everything hardware and software-wise. WMA is basically the same size as MP3. If you use a good-quality encoder for MP3 such as LAME it is indistinguishable from WMA at the same bitrates. As such, the developers of CoolPlayer don't really have much reason to support WMA (and I don't think they plan to support anything internally beyond MP3, OGG, WAV, etc that they support now). CoolPlayer can use some Winamp plugins so it may be able to play WMA that way... I'll check into it this week.

Generally these questions belong in the support forums. If you need further assistance, please drop a note there (Other Apps Support for CoolPlayer at the moment) and we'll be happy to see what we can do.

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you even read the comment that replied to you above? It said to ask in the forum.

If you guys need to open a forum topic to motivate you to reply to initial user concerns, be my guest...I've done my part on this. But in my experience, instructions on application use don't belong in a forum - they belong in the application documentation, which I've checked for the last two weeks for revisions after stating initial difficulties, and have found none.

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you might not see it this way, I was actually trying to help, I cannot solve your problem myself but another user/developer my be able to and unless they use the tracker they have no easy way of knowing about your request, hence the need for a thread on the forum.

Has NeoRame got a permanent position among the PortableApps staff? If not, he should have. The program is a nice little player with many features and NeoRame's skin with the PortableApps menu is perfect, now if only I can remember where he stuck the desktop themes...

Is there any way to take that with me? No? Give me 10 minutes... Maybe an hour...

can someone tell me how did you guys get playlist skin to work?

i mean im trying to use normal coolplayer and in non of them playlist works

i even used this portable version with other skin and everything works just fine expect playlist skin which do not change

so wtf?

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We hacked the resource in. We also disabled skin loading because it has a security issue.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

well i just made skin for coolplayer and i wanted to make one for its playlist

its much work to get it to work or is it not worth my time cause its not simple? (i mean doing what you said to get playlist skin to show)

or even better question

could you make CP+P have skin selection option in options window

and another

if yes than could it read skins from folder not dirrectory so like

%currentdirectory%\CoolPlayer+Portable\skins\ACTUAL SKIN

or something like that

look i have done so much

plz dont tell me i need to stop now Wink