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Date Title Topic
2020-08-07 Opera, Portable Edition 70.0.3728.95 (web browser)... Freeware Release
2020-08-07 PotPlayer Portable 1.7.21280 (hardware enhanced media... Freeware Release
2020-08-07 DTaskManager Portable 1.56.55 (advanced task manager)... Freeware Release
2020-08-07 ccPortable 5.70 (clean local PCs via CCleaner) Released Freeware Release
2020-08-05 Sigil Portable 1.3.0 (ebook editor) Released Open Source Release
2020-08-05 Stellarium Portable 0.20.2 (planetarium) Released Open Source Release
2020-08-05 SWI-Prolog Portable 8.2.1-1 (Prolog programming... Open Source Release
2020-08-05 µTorrent Portable (uTorrent is a... Freeware Release
2020-08-05 Revo Uninstaller Portable 2.1.7 (local software... Freeware Release
2020-08-04 MicroSIP Portable 3.20.0 (lightweight SIP softphone)... Open Source Release
2020-08-04 calibre Portable 4.22.0 (ebook manager, viewer,... Open Source Release
2020-08-04 Warzone 2100 Portable 3.4.1 (real-time strategy game)... Open Source Release
2020-08-04 Shotcut Portable 20.07.11 (video editor) Released Open Source Release
2020-08-04 FotoSketcher Portable 3.60 (photo effects) Released Freeware Release
2020-08-04 Armagetron Advanced Portable (3d lightcycle... Open Source Release
2020-08-04 DSpeech Portable 1.73.236 (text-to-speech converter)... Freeware Release
2020-08-04 Balabolka Portable (text-to-speech on... Freeware Release
2020-08-04 AIMP Portable 4.70.2224 (music player) Released Freeware Release
2020-08-04 Q-Dir Portable 8.66 (quad pane file manager) Released Freeware Release
2020-08-04 SUMo Portable (update local apps) Released Freeware Release
2020-08-04 McAfee Stinger Portable (common virus... Freeware Release
2020-08-02 YUMI-UEFI Portable (multiboot USB creator with... Open Source Release
2020-08-02 YUMI Portable (multiboot USB creator) Released Open Source Release
2020-08-02 Toucan (sync, backup and encryption tool)... Open Source Release
2020-07-31 Mozilla Thunderbird, Portable Edition 78.1.0 Test 1 (... Open Source Release