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Date Title Topic
2020-09-17 Mozilla Thunderbird, Portable Edition 78.2.2 (email... Open Source Release
2020-09-17 CrystalDiskInfo Portable 8.8.7 (disk health monitoring... Open Source Release
2020-09-17 DSpeech Portable 1.73.309 (text-to-speech converter)... Freeware Release
2020-09-17 Balabolka Portable (text-to-speech on... Freeware Release
2020-09-16 7-Zip Portable 19.00 Rev 2 (file archiver) Released Open Source Release
2020-09-16 Installer 3.5.18 (portable app... Open Source Release
2020-09-16 Opera GX, Portable Edition 71.0.3770.138 (gaming... Freeware Release
2020-09-16 Opera, Portable Edition 71.0.3770.148 (web browser)... Freeware Release
2020-09-15 NSIS Portable 3.06.1 (installer scripting language)... Open Source Release
2020-09-15 McAfee Stinger Portable (common virus... Freeware Release
2020-09-15 DSpeech Portable 1.73.307 (text-to-speech converter)... Freeware Release
2020-09-15 Wise Data Recovery Portable 5.1.6 (data and file... Freeware Release
2020-09-15 Q-Dir Portable 8.91 (quad pane file manager) Released Freeware Release
2020-09-15 PotPlayer Portable 1.7.21295 (hardware enhanced media... Freeware Release
2020-09-14 Battle for Wesnoth Portable 1.14.14 (turn-based... Open Source Release
2020-09-14 ccPortable 5.71 (clean local PCs via CCleaner) Released Freeware Release
2020-09-13 Rocks'n'Diamonds Portable (gem... Open Source Release
2020-09-13 KiTTY Portable (telnet and SSH with added... Open Source Release
2020-09-13 Balabolka Portable (text-to-speech on... Freeware Release
2020-09-12 QOwnNotes Portable 20.9.4 (markdown note taker)... Open Source Release
2020-09-12 CrystalDiskInfo Portable 8.8.6 (disk health monitoring... Open Source Release
2020-09-12 LibreOffice Portable Fresh 7.0.1 (complete office... Open Source Release
2020-09-10 Mozilla Thunderbird, Portable Edition 78.2.2 Test 1 (... Open Source Release
2020-09-10 KeePass Pro Password Safe Portable 2.46 (secure... Open Source Release
2020-09-09 Platform 17.1.1: translation and bug... Open Source Release