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Date Title Topic
2020-06-26 Rocks'n'Diamonds Portable (gem... Open Source Release
2020-06-25 QOwnNotes Portable 20.6.10 (markdown note taker)... Open Source Release
2020-06-25 SMPlayer Portable 20.6.0 (media player) Released Open Source Release
2020-06-25 PeaZip Portable 7.3.2 (file archiver) Released Open Source Release
2020-06-25 KiTTY Portable (telnet and SSH with added... Open Source Release
2020-06-25 Opera GX, Portable Edition 68.0.3618.186 (gaming... Freeware Release
2020-06-24 Mumble Portable 1.3.1 (voice chat for gaming) Released Open Source Release
2020-06-24 Money Manager Ex Portable 1.3.5 (personal finance)... Open Source Release
2020-06-24 Telegram Desktop Portable 2.1.13 (secure instant... Open Source Release
2020-06-24 Autoruns Portable 13.98 (autorun configuration utility... Freeware Release
2020-06-24 Opera GX, Portable Edition 68.0.3618.177 (gaming... Freeware Release
2020-06-24 Opera, Portable Edition 69.0.3686.36 (web browser)... Freeware Release
2020-06-24 HWiNFO 32+64 Portable 6.28.4200 (detailed info about... Freeware Release
2020-06-23 Krita Portable 4.3.0 (sketching and painting) Released Open Source Release
2020-06-23 fre:ac Portable 1.1.2a (audio converter and encoder)... Open Source Release
2020-06-23 Opera, Portable Edition 68.0.3618.173 (web browser)... Freeware Release
2020-06-23 Q-Dir Portable 8.44 (quad pane file manager) Released Freeware Release
2020-06-23 ccPortable 5.68 (clean local PCs via CCleaner) Released Freeware Release
2020-06-23 TeamViewer Portable 15.7.6 (pc control, screen sharing... Freeware Release
2020-06-23 Google Chrome Portable 83.0.4103.116 Stable (web... Freeware Release
2020-06-23 Cppcheck Portable 2.1 (C/C++ code analysis) Released Open Source Release
2020-06-23 CrystalDiskInfo Portable 8.6.1 (disk health monitoring... Open Source Release
2020-06-22 calibre Portable 4.19.0 (ebook manager, viewer,... Open Source Release
2020-06-22 McAfee Stinger Portable (common virus... Freeware Release
2020-06-22 Cherrytree Portable 0.39.4 (hierarchical note taker)... Freeware Release