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Date Title Topic
2022-01-25 ccPortable 5.89.9401 (clean local PCs via CCleaner)... Freeware Release
2022-01-25 New: PrivaZer Portable 4.0.39 (PC cleaner and privacy... Freeware Release
2022-01-25 Mozilla Thunderbird, Portable Edition 91.5.1 (email... Open Source Release
2022-01-25 FastCopy Portable 4.0.2 (fast file copier and remover... Freeware Release
2022-01-25 Revo Uninstaller Portable 2.3.8 (local software... Freeware Release
2022-01-25 µTorrent Portable Rev 2 (uTorrent is a... Freeware Release
2022-01-24 Scribus Portable 1.5.8 Test (desktop publishing)... Open Source Release
2022-01-24 Q-Dir Portable 10.56 (quad pane file manager) Released Freeware Release
2022-01-24 PopMan Portable 1.3.11 (lightweight email notifier)... Open Source Release
2022-01-24 Notepad++ Portable 8.2.1 (developer's text editor... Open Source Release
2022-01-24 K-Meleon Portable 76.4.5-2022-01-22 (lightweight,... Open Source Release
2022-01-24 McAfee Stinger Portable (common virus... Freeware Release
2022-01-24 mssPortable 1.355.2443 (Microsoft Safety Scanner... Freeware Release
2022-01-24 BYOND Portable 5.0 b514.1578 (online multiplayer game... Freeware Release
2022-01-24 ccPortable 5.89.9385 (clean local PCs via CCleaner)... Freeware Release
2022-01-23 Workrave Portable 1.10.49 (repetitive stress injury... Open Source Release
2022-01-23 BYOND Portable 5.0 b514.1577 (online multiplayer game... Freeware Release
2022-01-23 QOwnNotes Portable 22.1.9 (markdown note taker)... Open Source Release
2022-01-22 fre:ac Portable 1.1.6 (audio converter and encoder)... Open Source Release
2022-01-21 Mumble Portable 1.4.230 (voice chat for gaming)... Open Source Release