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Date Title Topic
2018-10-05 FileZilla Portable 3.37.4 (ftp client) Released Open Source Release
2018-10-05 IDPhotoStudio Portable (ID photo duplicator... Freeware Release
2018-10-05 SUMo Portable (update local apps) Released Freeware Release
2018-10-05 GPU-Z Portable 2.11.0 (graphics profiler) Released Freeware Release
2018-10-04 FUPX Portable 2.5 (file compressor) Released Freeware Release
2018-10-04 FastStone Image Viewer Portable 6.6 (image viewer,... Freeware Release
2018-10-04 DSynchronize Portable 2.40.42 (directory... Freeware Release
2018-10-04 DSpeech Portable 1.70.141 (text-to-speech converter)... Freeware Release
2018-10-04 ccPortable 5.47.6716 (clean local PCs via CCleaner)... Freeware Release
2018-10-04 Mozilla Firefox ESR, Portable Edition 60.2.2 (web... Open Source Release
2018-10-04 Mozilla Thunderbird, Portable Edition 60.2.1 (email... Open Source Release
2018-10-03 Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition 62.0.3 (web browser... Open Source Release
2018-10-03 Battle for Wesnoth Portable 1.14.5 (turn-based... Open Source Release
2018-10-01 calibre Portable 3.32 (ebook manager, viewer,... Open Source Release
2018-10-01 McAfee Stinger Portable (common virus... Freeware Release
2018-10-01 FileZilla Portable 3.37.3 (ftp client) Released Open Source Release
2018-09-29 CrystalDiskInfo Portable 7.8.0 (disk health monitoring... Open Source Release
2018-09-29 CDex Portable 2.09 (CD audio extractor) Released Freeware Release
2018-09-29 Balabolka Portable (text-to-speech on... Freeware Release
2018-09-29 Q-Dir Portable 7.21 (quad pane file manager) Released Freeware Release
2018-09-28 Mozilla Firefox ESR, Portable Edition 60.2.1 (web... Open Source Release
2018-09-27 IniTranslator Portable Rev 2 (INI translation... Open Source Release
2018-09-23 Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition 62.0.2 (web browser... Open Source Release
2018-09-21 qBittorrent Portable 4.1.3 (lightweight bittorrent... Open Source Release
2018-09-21 FileZilla Portable 3.37.1 (ftp client) Released Open Source Release