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Date Title Topic
2022-09-19 FileZilla Portable 3.61.0 (ftp client) Released Open Source Release
2022-09-19 ClamWin Portable Rev 0.103.7 (anti-virus)... Open Source Release
2022-09-19 LibreOffice Portable Fresh 7.4.0 (complete office... Open Source Release
2022-09-19 calibre Portable 6.5.0 (ebook manager, viewer,... Open Source Release
2022-09-19 K-Meleon Portable 76.4.6-2022-09-17 (lightweight,... Open Source Release
2022-09-16 Iron Portable 104.0.5300.0 (web browser) Released Open Source Release
2022-09-16 Google Chrome Portable 105.0.5195.127 Stable (web... Freeware Release
2022-09-13 Battle for Wesnoth Portable 1.16.6 (turn-based... Open Source Release
2022-09-13 OBS Studio Portable 28.0.1 (live streaming and... Open Source Release
2022-09-13 Smart Defrag Portable (disk defragmentation... Freeware Release
2022-09-13 CrystalDiskInfo Portable 8.17.7 (disk health... Open Source Release
2022-09-13 New: PhotoDemon Portable 9.0 (photo editor) Released Open Source Release
2022-09-12 Opera, Portable Edition 90.0.4480.107 (web browser)... Freeware Release
2022-09-12 Opera GX, Portable Edition 90.0.4480.100 (gaming... Freeware Release
2022-09-12 WinSCP Portable 5.21.3 (ftp, sftp, scp client) Released Open Source Release
2022-09-12 Everything Portable (file and folder search... Freeware Release
2022-09-12 QOwnNotes Portable 22.9.0 (markdown note taker)... Open Source Release
2022-09-12 PeaZip Portable 8.8.0 (file archiver) Released Open Source Release
2022-09-12 XnView MP Portable 1.3.0 (image viewer) Released Freeware Release
2022-09-12 XnView Portable 2.51.1 (image viewer) Released Freeware Release