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Date Title Topic
2023-04-01 RisohEditor Portable 5.7.3 (binary resource editor)... Open Source Release
2023-04-01 PrivaZer Portable 4.0.69 (PC cleaner and privacy tool... Freeware Release
2023-04-01 KCleaner Portable (local PC cleaner) Released Freeware Release
2023-03-31 Portable 21.1.2 (diagramming) Released Open Source Release
2023-03-31 SeaMonkey, Portable Edition 2.53.16 (internet suite)... Open Source Release
2023-03-31 Opera GX, Portable Edition 96.0.4693.127 (gaming... Freeware Release
2023-03-31 Opera, Portable Edition 97.0.4719.43 (web browser)... Freeware Release
2023-03-31 Portable 5.0.3 (image and photo editor)... Freeware Release
2023-03-31 Miranda NG Portable 0.96.2 (multi-protocol instant... Open Source Release
2023-03-31 TeamViewer Portable 15.40.8 (pc control, screen... Freeware Release
2023-03-31 HWiNFO 32+64 Portable 7.42.5030 (detailed info about... Freeware Release
2023-03-30 DUMo Portable (update local drivers)... Freeware Release
2023-03-30 Process Explorer Portable 17.03 (task manager and... Freeware Release
2023-03-29 Blender Portable 3.5.0 (3D modeling, animation,... Open Source Release
2023-03-29 MediaInfo Portable 23.03 (media information utility)... Open Source Release
2023-03-29 AIMP Portable 5.11.2427 (music player) Released Freeware Release
2023-03-29 Thunderbird, Portable Edition 102.9.1 (email client)... Open Source Release
2023-03-28 Apache OpenOffice Portable 4.1.14 (complete office... Open Source Release
2023-03-28 Stellarium Portable 23.1.0 (planetarium) Released Open Source Release
2023-03-28 NVDA Portable 2023.1 (screen reader) Released Open Source Release