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Portable FileZilla (PFZ) locks up when in configuration menu?

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Portable FileZilla (PFZ) locks up when in configuration menu?

I just installed this recently and found that when you do anything in the configuration menu and then click OK, my thumbdrive light seems to blink in a pattern like it's in some sort of loop and I often have to do CTRL-ALT-DEL to close the frozen program. However, if delete the xml file for the settings, restart "PFZ" and then tell it to save the settings to the registry instead, the above actions will not cause any problems. I have since removed the regisry key and told "PFZ" to save the settings locally (the xml file) and the problem is back.

Has anyone seen this kind of behavior? It's happening on both of my computers when I plug the thumbdrive in and try to run "PFZ." Is it an XML issue?
I am running Windows XP SP2 with the latest in patches, FYI.

I am using another FTP program (i.FTP) in the interim.

All the other apps I am using work fine.


P.S. I tried the full FileZilla program briefly instead, and it did the same thing (and that was at the newest version).

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Well, if the full program does it, it sounds like it's a problem with Filezilla. I am also running XP SP2 with the latest updates, and it works perfectly for me.
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Last seen: 16 years 4 months ago
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Well, here's the latest:

If I drag a copy of the folder tree for PFZ to the hard drive and run it from there, it does not "lock up" when you enter and exit the configuration menu.

After closing the version on the hard drive, I went back to the copy on the thumbdrive and opened it, then went in and out of the configuration menu and watched it do the same thing...program not responding, light blinking on thumbdrive a lot (and in a pattern), but after 70 seconds, the activity stops and you can access the program again. This was done on the computer with the slower USB 1.1, but when I tried it on the computer with USB 2.0, it was doing the same thing for at least 15 seconds (that's when I figured it was locking up), so I don't think it was a USB 1.1 vs 2.0 thing causing this.

The USB drive is fairly new and isn't causing me any problems, nor are any of the other "Portable ______" programs from here, though maybe this is the only one that uses XML this way.

Bizarre...I still think its some weird XML thing, but why would the fact that it's on a thumbdrive make any difference.

Since the configuration menu is probably something a person usually sets up and then leaves alone, perhaps I should just leave it at that...set it up, put up with the weird delay in that menu, then don't worry about and just use the program Beee


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