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Make your own U3 Apps, No Offense John...

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Make your own U3 Apps, No Offense John...

Google search: Package Factory For U3 (Note: this is not a U3 App, but it does make them.)

Download it and install

Drag and drop a program folder from your program files into the Package factory window and click create.

When it gets done, save to the desktop.

Then, go to the U3 menu and go to add programs, and then from my computer.

In the browse box go to the desktop and find the U3 program (hint: ends with .u3p)

and it will install your program.


Not all programs can be made into U3 apps!

John T. Haller
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Not Quite

Package Factory For U3 doesn't make U3 apps. It just packages an app so that it will show up in the U3 menu. The app's data won't be in the right place and if you try and package the next version and upgrade it won't work right.

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We have to blame PackageFactory that "makes" U3 package so easy... Because of PackageFactory we have hundreds of malfunctioned U3 programs on internet, those programs that leave everything behind, mess a lot with host registry and doesn't keep settings portable.
IMO if anyone wants to make an U3 app, they must make it step-by-step, firstly making it portable, after making a U3 package using only official programs and "their hands".

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Here's how it works

To get an idea of what PackageFactory actually does, here's the same steps done by hand.

NOTE: This is meant to show why PackageFactory is a BAD IDEA. DO NOT follow these steps to "create" your own U3 apps.

-Create four folders named Data, Device, Host, Manifest

-Dump all of your program's folder into the Data folder (I think PF puts stuff in Device, it might be Data... doesn't really matter, the whole point is this is how you SHOULDN'T do things)

-Get the U3 manifest creator from the U3 website

-Generate a manifest file and place it in the manifest folder, along with the app's icon file. Be sure to point the manifest to the main program executable.

-Now, select all four folders and put them into a .zip archive. Name it whatever you want.

-Now change the extension of the archive from .zip to .u3p


Notice that you did NOTHING to actually portablize the app. You did NOT magically create a portable app launcher for your program. You did NOTHING but copy the program's files to the flash drive. THIS IS BAD. This is NOT portable. Don't do it.

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