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Me making PA programs u3 for people

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Me making PA programs u3 for people

Can I convert some of the portable apps into u3 format for other people as long as I say where I got them and do not take any credit for them?

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Don't give the wrong impression

I asked the same question awhile ago. The response was that since John does not support the U3 platform, he does not want his name tied to any programs released for that platform in such a way that would imply that he does. I have been trying for awhile to find the balance between giving credit where due and not giving false impressions of tacit approval from PA. About the best I have been able to come up with is to give credit in the source code for the launchers, then remove the "Program Details" code block and splash screen.

Also, if you intend to distribute the U3 packages after you create them you also have to distribute source code in the same manner, at least if the programs are GPL (which is basically all of the programs on here). This is something I myself missed when I first got into making U3 packages.

This includes not only the source for the launcher, but also for THE ORIGINAL PROGRAM as well. So, say you want to make GIMPPortableU3, you have to release the source found in the /Other/Source folder, but you would also have to go to and get the source for the version of GIMP you were packaging and have that as well.

If you're just planning on giving this to a few friends via word of mouth, you can just let them know you have the source if they want it. However, if you're going to post online, you must post that source IN THE SAME MANNER AS the U3 package. You can't just post a link saying hey you can get the source here, you have to host it yourself.

Good luck.

ps If John or anyone with more experience with PA would like to comment on my method of giving credit, get mad at me for it, tell me how I should be doing it differently, etc. please do.

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