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SARDU Portable 3.2 Development Test 2

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SARDU Portable 3.2 Development Test 2

Application: SARDU
Category: Utilities
Description: SARDU multiboot creator is a software, for Windows and Linux, free (personal and non commercial use, read the license). Hard disks (internal and external), SSD, USB flash drive and all removable memory disk and media are supported. The multi-bootable device can include comprehensive collections of antivirus rescue CD, utilities and popular Linux live distributions. Windows PE can also be included, as well as recovery disks and install media for Windows XP (Professional, Home and 64 Bit), Windows Vista, Windows Seven , Windows Eight and the preview of Windows 10.

[Mirror removed] [925.30 KB download / 31MB installed]
(MD5: 7020C2F213D5C8B4BAE179F64D54B8E8)

Release Notes:

Development Test 2 (2017-23-04): Changed to online installer

Development Test 1 (2017-23-04): Initial release