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I'm new to the group. Please help everyone

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I'm new to the group. Please help everyone

I see you use a service called Mollom to filter messages submitted in this forum. But how smart is it to use a 3rd party that stores all messages submitted by a particular person on all forums (that use Mollom) all over the internet? It's like giving big brother all your ideas and thoughts on a silver platter... I'm personally shocked that such a service exists let alone is being used by PoartableApps!

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No longer used, Spam

I'm not sure where you saw we used Mollom as the service shuttered: "The Mollom content moderation service is no longer available. Acquia support and maintenance for Mollom ended as of 2 April 2018." still uses StopForumSpam to block spam. It uses reports from 1,000s of sites like us based on IP addresses and emails. We regularly report spam occurring here to StopForumSpam. We also use ReCaptcha to block automated account signups using bots.

Even with both of these, dozens of spam messages a day used to get through. Without services like this, we had routine spam runs of 100+ messages posted at a time from dozens of IP addresses per attack which used to have to be individually deleted. Thankfully, forum spam has lessened a bit since then but this site would still be overrun today if we turned off ReCaptcha and StopForumSpam. Without services like this we would have closed the forums years ago.

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