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hello, please help me !

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hello, please help me !

What exactly does the "platform" do?

I'm familiar with the concept of portable applications, and I use the portable version of many of the applications that I use on a daily basis. But they don't need any special "platform" to run them - you just unzip them, and the configuration information is kept in a file instead of in the Windows registry. You can put the whole thing on a USB drive if desired, or wherever you want. So what exactly is the purpose of this PortableApps "platform"? What does it do? Why should I install it?


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You can find complete details on the how and why here:

Apps in Format don't need the Platform. Millions of folks have used them run from Windows Explorer, in the Windows Start Menu or from their favorite third party portable or local menu for years.

The Platform lets you easily install and manage your apps. And it'll keep all your apps from the app directory automatically updated for you without needing to download zip files and move things around yourself. It'll also list out your non-PA.c Format apps automatically as long as you put them in a place it can find them. Platform features are listed here:

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