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[Pending] Puran Utilities (Will edit)

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[Pending] Puran Utilities (Will edit)
  • Program: Puran Utilities.
  • Description: A collection of 23 useful utilities.
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows Xp/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/10/11. Native support for 64Bit Windows.
  • License: Freeware (Personal use only).
  • Website:
  • Size: ~10~ Mo.
  • Remark: The 'Puran File Recovery' was already requested here.
  • Diversity: Unlike other similar apps, this tiny pack (~10~ Mo) includes 23 different utilities.
  • Comparison with other similar softwares: In what is it different than other already packaged freewares?
Proven Efficiency: Sometimes, locked drives need to be formatted... Depending on the cases, I use different sorftwares (forgot about old cases). Here are my thoughts about the latest case I've encountered:
Subject: USB Stick, Size 2 Go. Locked and asks to be formatted!
Several unfamilar apps: Googled, Downloaded, Tested, Failed, Removed, Forgotted.
Recuva: Unable (in this case) to access the locked drive.
Wise data Recovery: Was able to recover ~18 Go~ (from a 2 Go drive) of data including too many duplicated files.
Puran File Recovery: Veni, Vidi, Vici. Recovered up to 1.54 Go (~300~ Mo without clones) of data, including some duplicated files (In this case, the names of the files were replaced by numbers).