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When something isn’t working properly in the PortableApps.com Launcher, it’s probably a mistake on your part. Before reporting it as a bug, please try going through this list of things first. If you can’t work out what the issue is, or if you still think you’ve found a bug, then you can try asking for help.

Check your launcher configuration
Please go through all the lines in your launcher.ini file and reread the documentation for the section or key to make sure that you’re not doing something wrong by mistake.
Other issues
Go through the Release checklist.


Registry things aren’t happening
Make sure you have [Activate]:Registry set to true.


General issues
Read the Making Java applications portable section, your issue may be covered there.
The base application says it can’t find Java
If the base application requires Java, [Activate]:Java must be set to require. Not setting it, or setting it to try

This document is not complete (not that it ever will be)

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