PortableApps.com In The News Archive (2004 - 2009)

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  • December 19, 2007 - CNET News.com - Firefox 3 beta 2 is out and about - "If you're a bit nervous about accidentally damaging your current installation of Firefox 2, but you'd like to try out the Firefox 3 beta, I recommend installing the portable version. It doesn't affect your old settings, although you can't run both Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 beta portable simultaneously."
  • December 12, 2007 - lifehacker - Try Out Firefox 3 Risk-Free with a Portable Version - "Eager to check out all the new hotness in the Firefox 3 beta but don't want to scuff up your perfect Firefox 2 setup?"
  • December 8, 2007 - Digg.com - Firefox 3 beta goes portable - "Want to test out Firefox 3 beta without messing up all of your precious Firefox 2 settings? Easy, just install the portable version."
  • December 7, 2007 - Download.com - The Daily Download - Test Firefox 3 risk-free - "If you're curious about the beta, though, and you don't want to risk your Firefox 2 settings, the Firefox 3 beta 1 portable gives us all an easy and safe way to play around with the browser as it's in development."
  • December 7, 2007 - Download Squad - Firefox 3 beta goes portable - "Because Firefox Portable is self-contained, it will not write any data to your hard drive or registry. That means you can test out Firefox 3's new features like Places, and improved location bar without messing up your current settings. You don't have to install Firefox 3 Portable to a flash drive, you can just as easily install it to a folder on your hard drive."
  • December 7, 2007 - Information Week - Get (And Give) The Gift of Open Source - "The first big open-source project that gets a little of my Christmas cheer is the PortableApps suite, an incredibly useful bundle of no-install-needed editions of popular open-source programs. It's a one-stop shop of sorts for a whole slew of common apps -- Firefox, the OpenOffice.org suite, VLC, and 7-Zip -- and it can be run either from a removable drive or from a single self-contained directory on a PC."
  • November 9, 2007 - CNet Blogs - Dealing with software crashes - Part 1 - "The classic use of portable applications is to run them off a USB thumb drive, but they work just as well running off the C disk. I do this all the time. Whenever possible, I prefer to use portable applications (see this about portable Thunderbird)."
  • November 6, 2007 - WIRED How To Wiki - Carry Your Desktop Anywhere With Portable Apps - "once installed on your portable device and connected to a host machine, [it] will auto-launch with menus allowing you to select which programs to use"
  • October 16, 2007 - Columbia Tribune - USB drives let you plug in to new possibilities - "Lots of different software publishers are releasing portable versions of their products, but the best one-stop source is PortableApps, a suite of completely free, open-source mini-apps for flash drives. These miniature - but full-featured - Windows applications run entirely from your USB flash drive, without installing anything on the host computer."
  • October 15, 2007 - Library Journal - Consuming Information - "Like how you have Firefox set up? Carry it with you, along with the dozen or two other programs you use in order to consume and manipulate information. Start with John Haller's open source PortableApps Suite, which includes useful applications like Firefox, Pidgin, and OpenOffice.org. Learn a program once, configure how you want it, and have it accessible when you need it."
  • September 3, 2007 - CNET - Three cheers for portable Thunderbird - "While portability is the prominent, public, sexy feature, to me, being able to backup an application is just as important, if not more so. You can back up a portable application simply by copying a folder."
  • August 30, 2007 -Linux Magazine - Stupid USB Tricks (free registration required) - "[PortableApps.com] gives you the convenience of running the same applications on anyone's PC, without disrupting the machine or leaving a trace of your activity. You just plug in your USB device with the applications installed, click on a launch program, and you have an instant office environment, along with all your files."
  • August 14, 2007 - Manila Standard Today - Linux in my pocket - "Running programs off a flash drive when you’re outside the office makes for good security, too. After you quit, nothing—no data, cookies, backup files or cached browser pages—is left behind on the computer you used. All that’s safely tucked away in your flash drive."
  • August 2, 2007 - Linux Magazine - Open Anywhere! (free registration required) - "That’s pretty impressive! With PortableApps, you can use the Web, read email, transfer files, chat with friends, ssh into machines, edit images and sounds, watch movies and listen to music, write office documents, zip up the results, and store passwords securely! And remember, there are even more programs on the site, with new ones coming all the time."
  • July 31, 2007 - Manila Standard Today - Really portable computing - "A less intrusive and more flexible approach is to install free Portable Apps (https://portableapps.com/) on any USB drive."
  • July 30, 2007 - The Wall Street Journal - Ten Things Your IT Department Won't Tell You - "All three of our experts pointed to a company called Rare Ideas LLC (RareIdeas.com), which offers free versions of popular programs such as Firefox and OpenOffice. You can download the software onto a portable device like an iPod or a USB stick, through a service called Portable Apps (PortableApps.com). Then hook the device up to your work computer, and you're ready to go"
  • July 18, 2007 - SoftPedia - Softpedia Pick and 100% FREE Awards for Notepad++ Portable, MPlayer Portable and VirtualDub Portable
  • July 7, 2007 - lifehacker - Featured Download: OpenOffice Portable upgrades - "Now you can take your documents and the programs you need to work on them with you wherever you go."
  • July 3, 2007 - DL.TV - Free Productivity Apps, Free Media Players, And a whole lot more! - "It's Portableapps.com. It's a sweet site that you can basically download a file and install it to your USB key, your flash drive, any flash drive... the awesome thing about this is that... you can take it to any other Windows PC and just plug it in."
  • June 25, 2007 - Geeks.com - Computing on the Go with PortableApps - "PortableApps enables you to compute on the go in a package that literally fits in your pocket. While PortableApps won't replace your desktop or notebook computer, it's a quick, easy to use, and convenient way to get work done while you're away from home. You don't have to worry about losing or damaging an expensive piece of hardware or leaving your “footprint” on a computer that's accessible to the public."
  • June 23, 2007 - Information Week - USB Flash Drives Mobilized - "PortableApps Suite from PortableApps.com is a preconfigured collection of such programs that's a snap to run."
  • June 5, 2007 - SitePoint - FirefoxPortable—Your Mobile Office Without a Laptop - "In summary, if you’re traveling places where you don’t want to take the laptop (and who really wants to carry one anywhere?), get yourself a thumb drive and make yourself at home on it."
  • April 2, 2007 - Maximum PC - Maximum PC's Fifth Annual Softy Awards - "PortableApps delivers a free bundle of computing goodies that can be loaded onto any device—thumb drive, hard drive, iPod, whatever!"
  • March 28, 2007 - PC World - 101 Fantastic Freebies - "Do you find yourself frustrated when you're on the go, without all your applications and data?"
  • March 17, 2007 - InfoWorld - Stealth Tech: PortableApps.com - "I was filled with glee at discovering PortableApps.com."
  • March 5, 2007 - Tuscaloosa News - Exchange benefits travelers - "[Mozilla Thunderbird, Portable Edition] allows me to check all eight of those accounts from one piece of software then store the messages on my USB drive for viewing or responding later."
  • February 26, 2007 - San Francisco Chronicle - Computing Q&A: Bookmark help from Firefox - "The portable version works just like the regular hard-drive version -- with the added bonus that your personal settings such as toolbar links and bookmarks are transportable from computer to computer."
  • February 12, 2007 - The Tampa Tribune - A Better Start On The Web - "you really should have the excellent and free PortableApps Suite"
  • February 2, 2007 - Computeract!ve - Carry a web browser on a USB drive - "[Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition] makes it possible to take favourite websites wherever you go, while benefiting from features such as tabbed browsing."
  • January 29, 2007 - WhatIs.com - What Is Podcast: What is a portable application?
  • January 2, 2007 - PC World - Download This: Tech That Won't Tie You Down - "The benefit of toting the suite around is that you'll always have the programs you're used to, along with all your saved bookmarks, settings, and other customizations"