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Date Title Topic
2024-06-28 New: streamWriter Portable 6.0.0 (record internet... Open Source Release
2024-06-03 New: Blank And Secure Portable 7.72 (secure data... Freeware Release
2024-05-30 New: Pixelorama Portable 0.11.4 (pixel art editor and... Open Source Release
2024-05-16 New: Ferdium Portable 6.7.3 (online service... Open Source Release
2024-05-09 New: ProcessKO Portable 6.33 (process killer) Released Freeware Release
2024-05-01 New: MKVToolNix Portable 83.0 (Matroska (MKV) file... Open Source Release
2024-04-29 New: fdmPortable 6.22 (download manager and optimizer... Freeware Release
2024-04-25 New: Wise Force Deleter Portable (delete... Freeware Release
2024-04-21 New: System Informer Portable 3.0.7574 (task, system,... Open Source Release
2024-04-18 New: fb2kPortable 2.1.4 (foobar2000 music player and... Freeware Release
2024-04-11 New: Supermium Portable 122.0.6261.85 HR2 (web browser... Open Source Release
2024-04-04 New: CrystalMark Retro Portable 1.0.1 (comprehensive... Open Source Release
2024-04-03 New: StackNotes Portable (notes and to-do... Open Source Release
2024-04-01 New: qBittorrent Enhanced Portable (... Open Source Release
2024-03-28 New: Notes Portable 2.2.1 (private and flexible note-... Open Source Release
2024-03-27 New: Angry IP Scanner Portable 3.9.1 (network scanner... Open Source Release
2024-03-21 New: Joplin Portable 2.14.20 (note-taking and todo)... Open Source Release
2024-03-18 New: QuickMemoryTestOK Portable 4.71 (Memory testing... Freeware Release
2024-03-10 New: Unicodia Portable 2.3.9 (Unicode character... Open Source Release
2024-03-04 New: CudaText Portable 1.210.0 (developer's text... Open Source Release
2024-02-22 New: MilkyTracker Portable 1.04.00 (music tracker and... Open Source Release
2024-02-06 New: 7+ Taskbar Tweaker Portable 5.15.1 (Windows... Open Source Release
2024-01-08 New: WinContig Portable (file and folder... Freeware Release
2023-12-17 New: Detect It Easy Portable 3.08 (file type analyzer... Open Source Release
2023-12-04 New: PeerBlock Plus Portable (firewall based... Open Source Release