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Trial Partnership With DuckDuckGo For Downloads

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Submitted by John T. Haller on May 3, 2018 - 6:29pm

I'm pleased to announce a new trial partnership with DuckDuckGo, the Internet privacy company, to host some of the downloads you will get from DuckDuckGo's popular search engine, tracker blocking extension, and mobile apps are built around user privacy and security, so their ideals line up perfectly with ours. We've been searching for a new provider for some time and this seems like a natural fit.

To start, we're trying out downloads of the Platform, Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition in English, and Q-Dir Portable within your browser through DuckDuckGo's hosting and we'll be adjusting this based on user feedback and download performance. The download is safe, secure, and 100% private. Your personal information will not be tracked, stored, or shared.

I'm always happy to bring attention to services that respect your personal data and security, and can support the future of development in a way that fits with our own values. This will help ensure we can keep building the software you love and keep the flow of awesome apps coming.

Thanks for continuing to use and happy portable app-ing!


I use DuckDuckGo as my primary search engine everywhere I can and I'm really glad to see partnering with them. Will PA.c be switching the default search engine on any of the browsers released here to DDG? Doing so could potentially be a good additional revenue stream for if it's feasible.
(FYI: DDG's ‘bang’ feature is very useful.)


WoW... sounds great!

By the way, mostly the enterprise's environments blocks the use of Mozilla Firefox and accessing to google web search or yahoo search rise SSLs security / certificate errors, and isnt't possible use them (or every site that use https's requests)... but DuckDuckGo works!!!

Reason why Enterprises don't use FF as much as they "maybe" would like..
Is that Chrome and IE supports Group Policy Objects (GPO), FF are in development to support GPO...

It looks great.
Speed is fast and download is reliable.

I love DuckDuckGo!

I use DuckDuckGo regularly, it is a little bit slower than Google, which delivers sponsored results faster...
I am looking forward the deployment