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Help Translate 2.0: New Translation Strings Posted

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Submitted by John T. Haller on April 26, 2011 - 12:49am

We've posted an updated set of strings for translation for the 2.0 Platform that we could use your help with. We've added in all the current translations submitted by the community as well for review. This new set of strings is particularly important for adding apps in languages other than English as the new app directory on the site which will allow for multilingual app descriptions won't be coming out until after 2.0. This update will allow us to display Sub-Categories for apps so users will know what each app is in the Portable App Directory built into the platform even if they don't speak English. Please help translate today so we can make 2.0 available to everyone!


I think Your priorities May need adjusting, any language other than English should certainly take a back seat to other more useful features, such as "categories". A thumb drive with many applications is really awkward to use when one has to constantly scroll up then down trying to find the desired application. Themes and skins can be on that back burner also. There are several competing Platforms that make a priority of categories, that I am tempted to switch to. I would prefer to stick to Your Platform, if ever You stop worrying about language strings and appearance, constantly pushing the release date of 2.0 farther and farther out. After all the great majority of Your users must be English speakers, or are You going to hold it all up until You have Libyan language support? Sorry about some of My sarcastic comments, but I want the Portable Apps Platform to be the best!


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These language strings we're translating are a part of enabling categories in 2.0 in both the menu itself as well the new Portable App Directory (a full app store built into the platform), that's the main reason we needed the sub-categories translated. We already support all of these languages and have a surprisingly large percentage of non-English users: Russian, German, Japanese, Italian, French, etc, so it would be a disservice to them to debut new features that they're unable to use. It would be like Firefox 4 coming out a few weeks earlier by ignoring all their international users.

This set of strings should be the last one to enable full multilingual support, so no further delays should be necessary. Categories functionality is working well in the internal test that will shortly become 2.0 RC. We'll be shipping it as soon as this phase is complete and 2.0 final soon after with additional features in 2.1 a few weeks later. We've got the strings for 2.0 and 2.1 out and won't hold it any longer than needed as any additional languages that come in later can be pushed out as part of 2.0 final or a 2.0.1 release to update them.

I know it's been a long wait, and I am sorry about that. But the features and functionality we'll be debuting will be worth it.

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