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Quick Update (2011-07-10): Content Delivery Network, New App, Hosting, Full Status Update Expected By Tuesday July 19

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Submitted by John T. Haller on July 10, 2011 - 8:55pm

We're just posting a quick status update to keep everyone in the loop. The content delivery network came online as expected on June 2nd and server performance is much-improved as are page load times for both logged-in and guest users. We've been doing a ton of app updates over the past few weeks to keep things humming along, including the new Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition 6.0 Beta 1 release. We even have a nice new app, Instantbird Portable 1.0, for everyone to use. Hosting costs are still rising with our increasing popularity so we've secured another bridge loan until our next big release. Donations are always appreciated to help out with everything.

It's been a while since our last full status update, but we'll be doing another one shortly with a couple big surprises (one is particularly big). It's expected by Tuesday (July 19). It was going to be this past week, but the last bits are taking several days longer than expected to finalize. They should be finalized this weekend or so. If this changes, we'll be updating the date. When ready, we'll post it to the homepage, RSS, Facebook and Twitter so you don't have to keep checking back. They will be worth it!

Quite a bit has been happening behind the scenes and we're eager to share it with you. We're finishing up the discussions on part of it and didn't want to jump the gun, so we're doing this quick status update instead. These should be finalized shortly and we'll be posting it up as soon as they are!

Update July 17 - We really didn't want to have to push the status update back from where it was, and I'm truly sorry that we had to, but we wanted a bit more meat to this status update than just another screenshot or two of the upcoming platform. As such, we've got two things we're working on solidifying that we think you'll really like. Unfortunately, when we got deeper into them, it turned out to be more work than we'd planned on. Rather than just missing the date or posting another status update without a whole lot of new good stuff, I've adjusted the date back based on our view of the work as of right now. We're working hard behind the scenes to finish it up, including coding til the wee hours on a Saturday night.

So, please just hang in there until we post the next status update this week. You don't need to check the site everyday as we'll be posting it via Facebook, Twitter, RSS and even a newsletter. Yup, this update will be newsletter-worthy.

We're sorry it's taken so long, but it will be a big one. You won't be disappointed!

Kind Regards - John