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Source on SVN (mine, at least)

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Submitted by Ryan McCue on January 23, 2009 - 7:50am

I've personally wanted to have the launcher and installer source code on Subversion for a *long* time, it makes things so much easier.

So, I figured, I'd put my money (what little I have) where my mouth is, and as of today, both WinMerge Portable's source and Songbird Portable's source are available from

I'm not intending to include the original app's binaries on SVN, as SVN is no place for binaries. I've made one exception to this rule: sqlite3.exe is available with Songbird Portable as it's so small, and it's not part of Songbird itself.

The use of SVN (and a good issue tracker) will make things a whole lot easier for everyone. For example, if you see a bug in Songbird Portable, I'll file a bug on the project to track it, and you will be more than welcome to submit a patch. Change logs will also be much more accurate, as I can do a svn diff between two tags, rather than guessing what I fixed.

Additionally, I'll make every attempt to tag each release, so if you want to grab the source for, say, Songbird Portable Pre-Release 1, you will be able to without download the whole installer, etc.

Anyway, it should prove to be a useful experiment, if nothing else. If you've got comments on the process, hit me up here.