Registry Rapper


Welcome to the Registry Rapper project page, I hope this project helps you and so many people like you. This program is for those looking to make portable freedom a reality.

About Registry Rapper

Registry Rapper is a template for allowing the use of programs that save their settings to the reigstry as portable applications. First it will check the registry for settings of the program and then save them if present. Then it will write the settings for the program to the registry, run the program and then rewrite the registry settings to a file for later use. It will then delete the settings from the registry; removing any trace of the program. Finally rewritting the original current local settings back to the registry. This program is a registry encapsulation program, which takes care of all the registry settings a program might need to run and make sure nothing is left behind on the host system. Allowing programs that were not created is portable (i.e saving their settings to .ini files within the program folder) to be used as portable.

General Information

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Current Features

  • All search terms and setup information stored in an .INI file in the application directory
  • Rap up registry key information within the program application folder
  • Multi Registry Key search - Searches both the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_CURRENT_USER Registry trees
  • Searches for and backs up any local program installation of the portable program
  • Saves the found registry information to a .INI file within the settings directory


Release Notes

  • Please follow the setup instructions in the readme.txt file for setup with you non-portable program
  • If the program cannot find the registry entries, please follow the "Finding Registry Key Info" instructions in the readme.txt file
  • Any Problems or situations encountered please post them to the forum questions section above

To Do

  1. Add functionality to saved more than one registry key to a .REG file
  2. Add functionality to use only one instance of RegRapper.exe
  3. Create GUI frontend to fill in and create the settings.ini file for the users
  4. Fix any problems found

Change Log

VersionNew Editions and ChangesRelease Date
    1.8  New Editions:
  • Added current local machine settings save support - Thanks to nm35
  • Optimized code further for faster search functions for current and personal settings
  • Removed UserProfile Enviromental variable due to possible problems with some programs and the Operating system itself
    1.5  New Editions:
  • Added RegSearch macro as Default search routine
  • Added the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE root registry key to the search routine
  • Added enironmental variable commands for USERPROFILE. Allows software that stores setting in the local Userprofile folder to be redirected to the SETTINGS folder in the app folder on the USB drive
  • Optimized registry search algorithm for faster execution
  • Re-organized folder structure
  • Added Settings Directory to hold all settings files and application data information
  • Added PROGRAMDIRECTORY Setting in the .ini file for use with creating self named program directories
  • Updated Readme.txt file with new additions and changes
    1.0  New Editions:
  • Added Built-In registry search functionality which uses the company/developer name, the program name and the executable name to try and find the registry settings for you. If it cannot find it in those three places, it will use the manual registry key you supply to it in the regrap.ini file. This search checks the KEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE key for the information as most software store their settings there
  • Majorly overhauled the code with error checking and feedback messages for users if problems are found
    0.5  New Editions:
  • .INI Settings File support added, for ease of use. Thanks to David Carrington for the .INI file integration code
    0.1  First Release   2006.02.20