Development Releases Status

Terms and Categories

  • PAF: Format compliance (e.g. missing help, appinfo.ini needs updating, "Pass", etc.)
  • OS: Operating System confirmed to work (Windows 2000, XP and Vista are required)
  • PC: Any files or registry changes left on the local PC
  • Data: Is the app's data (MRU, settings) updated when the path changes?
  • Code: Code review to look for any issues, ensure INI and passed parameters work
  • License: License being released under
  • Notes: Any additional notes
  • Ready?: Is the app ready to advance to Pre-Release or Final?
  • Status indicators: + Success - Fail Unknown/incomplete

Release Status Results

App & Ver Testing Details Ready?
HTTPhotos 2.9 DT3 PAF: OK - GC OS: OK - Win7x64 - GC PC: Clean - GC Data: Clean - GC Code: Freeware, built to work directly with PA.c No code available. - GC License: Freeware (Publisher submission) - GC Notes: EULA encoding needs to be fixed. Other than that, and some minor items which are here, it's ready for release. Can someone else confirm? - GC
VirusTotal Uploader 2.0 DT 2 PAF: Validation succeeds. - GC OS: Works on Win7x64 - GC PC: Clean - GC Data: Clean - GC Code: Clean - GC License: Freeware(publisher permission) Notes: My app, please someone else test prior to signing off for release. - GC
Mednafen 0.8D & Mednafenfe 1.6 DT1 -PAF: Validation fails - GC OS: Win7x64 - GC PC: No issues - GC Data: No issues - GC Code: Looks clean, one comment left - GC License: GPL/MIT - GC Notes:
Rizone Pixel Repair DT1 PAF: OS: PC: Data: Code: License: Notes:
Executor 0.99.10 DT1 PAF: OS: PC: Data: Code: License: Notes:
zExample App 1.2 DT1 -PAF: Missing help and appinfo.ini is missing the licensing and sharing details - JTH +OS: 2000, XP, Vista - JTH, No Win98 - PP +PC: DT 1 Clean - JTH, Confirmed - PP -Data: Settings portablized but MRU fails - RM Code: One INI option isn't read - JTH +License: Opensource (GPL2) - GC Notes: Could use a better icon - PP -
zTemplate 1.2 DT1 PAF: OS: PC: Data: Code: License: Notes:

Old Release Status Results

These results are from the first & second Release Teams, which failed to gather enough steam. The results are quite old but are left here until the apps are retested as they may still be partially relevant.

App & Ver Testing Details Ready?
FBReader 0.12.10 DT1 -PAF: Needs to be updated to latest specs - MS OS: tested using Windows XP Pro sp3 x32, experienced one unreproducible crash - MS +PC: found '.FBReader' on my D: drive - MS -Data: issue with moving '.FBReader' folder and drive-letters not updated properly - MS -Code: Needs to be updated with the latest specs, drive-switching code & bug in exiting - MS License: Notes:Some notes posted here, have to wait till it gets fixed - MS -
OpenYahtzee 1.9 DevTest 1 -PAF: need updating to the latest format (2.0) - SK&MS +OS: tested using Windows XP SP3 limited account - SK&MS +PC: files and registry clean - SK&MS +Data: Driveletter change clean too. - SK, Although I couldn't find any drive-letters, pass - MS Code: Pass. Could be updated to PAL - SK, code needs to be updated to latest specs (CheckForPlatformSplashDisable.nsh) - MS License: Notes: Nice small game. - SK, Probably the same Trademarks & Copyrights issues as TurboRisk, as Yahtzee is also owned by hasbro - MS
PopTray 3.2 DevTest 2 +PAF: better 128px png, missing the ini in /Other/Source otherwise clean- SK +OS: tested using Windows XP SP3 limited account - SK +PC: files and registry clean - SK +Data: Uses PAL, path change ok - SK +Code: Pass - SK License: Notes: The sound and the sound test didnt work for me. - SK +
Turbo Risk 2.0.3 DT2 PAF: looks pretty well done overall - ZT&SK, Help file is referring to RealStudioP & PAL beta source is included - MS OS: tested using Windows 7 Pro x64 - ZT; Tested on WinXPSP3 limited - SK&MS +PC: nothing on the host computer - SK&MS -Data: is properly stored in the data settings folder - ZT&SK, saved games are left in the App folder - MS +Code: PAL. Pass - ZT&SK, as the source is of a PAL beta version, I'm not sure if the launcher is the official PAL - MS License: Notes: This was also suggest as a pass by Simeon. App is out of date & there seem to be Trademark/Copyright issues see - MS
Eclipse 3.7 DT1 +PAF: Good - OlK +OS: XP Pro SP3 - OlK +PC: Nothing left\Put -OlK +Data: Nothing Left on host\Registry Clean -OlK +Code: Pass -OlK License: Notes: Needs to be updated to 3.7.1 GC
BASH DT3 +PAF: Small Changes needed - PJ +OS: XP Pro SP3 - PJ +PC: Backs up files to drive - PJ +Data: Bash history preserved from comp to comp - PJ +Code: Pass - PJ License: Notes: Notes Posted Here but once those things are done this will be ready to go - PJ This time it is ready to go, the PAF can be updated when it goes to pre-release. -
Code::Blocks 10.05 DT1 +PAF: Pass - CM, TF +OS: XP Pro SP3 - CM, Vista SP1 - TF +PC: Clean - CM, TF +Data: Pass - CM, TF -Code: Fail - Needs some minor PAL updating - GC License: Notes: MinGW path should be moved to the start of the path so that it gets detected before a local installation of MinGW (to be fixed in next release - DT or PR). Leaving Ready unknown until others have verified. I reckon we should try and get this and MinGW Portable through as they're very useful and we don't have any IDEs yet - CM

Release Team Members

Abbreviation Full name
JTHJohn T. Haller
CMChris Morgan
ZTZach Thibeau
GCGord Caswell
ASGAluisio ASG

Previous Release Team Members

Abbreviation Full name
MSMark Sikkema
PPPatrick Patience
JMJacob Mastel
RMRyan McCue
TFTaffin Foxcroft
SKSimeon Kühl