English Translations

This is the main page for English translations. It serves as a basis for the other translation pages.

License: The installer and launcher files will be released under the GPL with additional permissions for use with all open source apps under an OSI-approved license as well as non-profit freeware applications. Use with commercial applications and for-profit freeware will be allowed with a small fee.

Launcher Locale File

;=== LauncherStrings-English.nsh (2006-12-20)

LangString LauncherFileDescription ${LANG_ENGLISH} "This launcher allows $APP to be run from a removable drive. For more information, visit $WEBSITE"

LangString LauncherFileNotFound ${LANG_ENGLISH} "$PORTABLEAPPNAME cannot be started. You may wish to re-install to fix this issue. (ERROR: $FILENAME could not be found)"

LangString LauncherAlreadyRunning ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Another instance of $APPNAME is already running. Please close other instances of $APPNAME before launching $PORTABLEAPPNAME."

LangString LauncherAppDescription ${LANG_ENGLISH} "$PORTABLEAPPNAME is $APPNAME packaged as a portable app, allowing it to run from a USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive or other portable device."

LangString LauncherAskCopyLocal ${LANG_ENGLISH} "$PORTABLEAPPNAME appears to be running from a location that is read-only. Would you like to temporarily copy it to the local hard drive and run it from there?$\n$\nPrivacy Note: If you say Yes, your personal data within $PORTABLEAPPNAME will be temporarily copied to a local drive. Although this copy of your data will be deleted when you close $PORTABLEAPPNAME, it may be possible for someone else to access your data later."

LangString LauncherNoReadOnly ${LANG_ENGLISH} "$PORTABLEAPPNAME can not run directly from a read-only location and will now close."

Installer Locale File

;=== InstallerStrings-English.nsh  (2007-07-04 New strings of the last launcher)

LangString InstallerWelcomeText ${LANG_ENGLISH} "This wizard will guide you through the installation of $PORTABLEAPPNAME.\r\n\r\nIf you are upgrading an existing installation of $PORTABLEAPPNAME, please close it before proceeding.\r\n\r\nClick Next to continue."

LangString InstallerFinishText ${LANG_ENGLISH} "$PORTABLEAPPNAME has been installed on your device.\r\n\r\nClick Finish to close this wizard."

LangString runwarning ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Please close all instances of ${CLOSENAME} and then click OK.  The portable app can not be upgraded while it is running."

LangString invaliddirectory ${LANG_ENGLISH} "The destination folder you selected is invalid.  Please choose a valid folder."

LangString notenoughspace ${LANG_ENGLISH} "The device you have selected to install to does not have enough free space for this app."