Contribute to Frequently Asked Questions

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How will my donation appear on my credit card or banking statement?

Your donation via PayPal should appear similarly to either "PAYPAL * RARE IDEAS" or "PAYPAL * RARE IDEAS LLC" on your credit card or banking statement. This may vary depending on your particular bank and may include numbers as well.

Who is Rare Ideas LLC?

Rare Ideas LLC is the legal entity operates within. It's a limited liability corporation in the state of New York in the United States of America.

Are donations to tax deductible?

Unfortunately, donations to support hosting and/or development are not tax deductible at this time. In the United States, only donations to organizations structured as 501(c)3 non-profits are tax deductible.

Can I make a donation using a wire transfer?

Wire transfers of smaller amounts of money are very uncommon in the United States. As a result, nearly all banks charge $15 or more for each incoming transfer. (Outgoing wire transfers are even more expensive, often costing $50 or more.) With an average donation of $10, accepting wire transfers would cost us more money than we would receive.

Can I make a credit card or debit card donation without using PayPal?

We don't currently accept credit card donations outside of PayPal. As an open source project that accepts donations, we experience a high level of fraudulent transactions as scammers test stolen credit card numbers to test if they are working. As such, accepting credit card donations directly is problematic.