Downloading the Platform...

Let's download and install the Platform!

Note: If you got here from somewhere besides our download page, you can head to the download page first.

  1. In a moment or two, you should see a prompt to download or a downloading message from your browser's download manager.
    Opening PortableApps.com_Platform_Setup.exe. You have chosen to open: PortableApps.com_Platform_Setup.exe. Would you like to save this file? - or - PortableApps.com_Platform_Setup.exe 2 seconds left
    If you do not see a download message, switch back to the tab in your browser labeled 'Download Portable Software/USB' and click the link to download again.
  2. If asked, select to save to a location where you can easily find the file like your Desktop or your Downloads directory.
    Enter the name of file to save to...
  3. Once downloaded, run the file by double-clicking it from your Desktop or Downloads directory or single-clicking it in your browser's download manager.
    PortableApps.com_Platform_Setup.exe on the desktop and in the Chrome download manager
  4. Select to Run the file at the security prompt noting that the publisher is listed as 'Rare Ideas, LLC', indicating that it is digitally signed for your security.
    Open File - Security Warning. Do you want to run this file?
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts for the platform installer, selecting the location you would like to install to.
    This wizard will guide you through the installation of the Platform
    Tip: It's best to install to the root directory if you're installing it to your portable device (D:\, E:\, or similar) or the base directory of your cloud drive (C:\Users\Username\Dropbox, C:\Users\Username\Google Drive, or similar) for easiest access.
  6. Enjoy using the Platform and apps! Platform with a variety of apps installed
  7. Please make a donation so we can keep bringing you free software.