Gigs 2 Go and Team Up On Tear-And-Share Flash Drives

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Submitted by John T. Haller on December 24, 2013 - 11:30am is proud to announce that we've teamed up with the makers of Gigs 2 Go to bring portable software to their new tear-and-share flash drive packs made from recycled materials. Gigs 2 Go is currently in the kickstarter phase as they raise the funds for their innovative new low-cost, shareable design. They've partnered with our friends at CustomUSB for production and distribution and we like the concept so much we decided to partner with them to make their product even more versatile.

Gigs 2 Go - Tear and Share USB flash drives made from recycled materials

ScreenshotHow many times have you been in a position where you'd like to quickly give some files to a friend or colleague that were just a bit too big for email or a bit too sensitive for cloud hosting? That's where Gigs 2 Go comes in. When you need to share files on-the-go, simply tear off a tab from the Gigs 2 Go pack. Each tab is a tiny thumb drive. Because Gigs 2 Go is inexpensive and made from recycled materials, you can feel comfortable leaving a tab with a friend or colleague. And you've still got more tabs, ready when you need them.

ScreenshotThe molded paper pulp enclosure is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. It's renewable, biodegradable, lightweight, cheap, and durable enough to ensure that each tab should last for many uses. Each tab is loaded with a chip-on-board (COB) flash memory stick. This type of memory is way more rugged than traditional USB memory. It's waterproof and shockproof, so you won't need a cap. And it's much smaller and thinner than typical thumb drives, so we're able to keep Gigs 2 Go down to about the size of a credit card. COB memory is so thin, in fact, that it needs a tiny plastic tray to ensure that it fits properly in your USB slot. We wanted to keep plastic to a minimum in Gigs 2 Go, and use only recycled materials. So we developed an extremely small tray for the COB, made entirely of recycled plastic.

Your Apps And Promotional Files on Gigs2Go

ScreenshotAll Gigs 2 Go drives in the kickstarter project are preloaded with a custom suite of portable apps so you can bring your software with you wherever you go. It comes with the Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition web browser, Mozilla Thunderbird, Portable Edition email client, the Microsoft Office-compatible LibreOffice office suite, CoolPlayer+ music player, KeePass secure password manager, and ClamWin antivirus. And you can easily add hundreds more free apps using the included App Store.

Even better, if you order the Business Time, True Believer, or Venture Capitalist packages, you get the included suite's menu customized with your own logo, making it a great promotional tool for photographers, designers, coders, architects, and so much more. You can even include your own PDF files, videos and more with the software to be able to view them.

Get Gigs 2 Go Today

Gigs 2 Go is currently running their kickstarter to raise funds for their initial manufacturing run. Products for the various support levels are scheduled to ship soon after the kickstarter ends. You can get involved for as little as $30 to get the Socialite pack (Four 2GB drives in one Gigs 2 Go pack). Visit the Gigs 2 Go kickstarter today to get yours!

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This could use some extra support. It is extremely close to reaching its kickstart goal and I would love to assist further. Let's show some support and pledge the remaining $1,967! If they don't have the funds pledged by January 8th, then they will have to start all over.

Now I just wish I weren't so BROKE, so I could invest in this! Sad

I also think there's a feature missing here, and could probably be sold as the Enterprise level: built-in content duplication. Imagine, you actually plug in the hub you tear the drives off of, it looks like a normal drive, but it writes to all the drives BEFORE YOU TEAR THEM OFF! kinda like a built-in mirror RAID configuration. I'm pretty sure it'd cost an extra arm and a leg, but could be a very useful tool for marketing/swag/etc.

Just what $0.02 I can give, just an idea Blum

I like that idea. Esp if it could actually be used as a raid array. I saw an article on a flash drive raid array years ago, it can be done with Linux,or Win XP Pro. If the carrier is just a hub in and of itself it could be done, that's all that was needed.

Bob Klahn