AniFX Portable 1.0 Rev 2 (cursor editor) Released

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Submitted by John T. Haller on March 22, 2014 - 9:38pm

logoAniFX Portable 1.0 Rev 2 has been released. AniFX is a full-featured cursor editor. This release updates the app's packaging and format to the modern version. It's packaged in Format so it can easily integrate with the Platform. It's freeware for personal and business use.

AniFX is packaged for portable use with permission from Attila Kovrig

Update automatically or install from the portable app store in the Platform.


ScreenshotWith a wealth of tools and more than 40 effects at your fingertips, there’s virtually no limit to the cursors you can create. You can easily convert your favorite images into cursors, or cursors into images. AniFX gives you the possibility to change cursors inside exe files. Convert your GIF files to animated cursors and vice versa. With AniFX you can extract cursors from other files, including Windows Vista and Macintosh files. You can easily work with multiple files using the batch processing capability of AniFX.

Learn more about AniFX... Installer / Format

AniFX Portable is packaged in a Installer so it will automatically detect an existing installation when your drive is plugged in. It supports upgrades by installing right over an existing copy, preserving all settings. And it's in Format, so it automatically works with the Platform including the Menu and Backup Utility.


AniFX Portable is available for immediate download from the AniFX Portable homepage. Get it today!

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