New: Releases Portable Software Suite For Ukrainian Refugees In Ukrainian and Russian

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Submitted by John T. Haller on April 14, 2022 - 8:04pm's software platform has been combined with a set of useful apps in an effort to help the 4 million Ukrainian refugees of the Russian invasion as the Ukraine Suite. The suite will allow the installation and use of the LibreOffice office suite, Firefox web browser, Thunderbird email client, KeePass password manager, Qmmp media player, and Telegram secure messaging in either Ukrainian or Russian language (the two most common languages within Ukraine) on any Windows PC. The apps exist separately from traditionally installed Windows apps and can be installed and used from the PC's local storage, an external storage device like a USB flash drive or external hard drive, or within a synced cloud folder. The installer is multi-lingual, allowing host families to assist with the installation without needing to know Ukrainian or Russian.


The latest versions of the Ukrainian and Russian language versions of the suite are available from the Ukraine Suite Github project.

Run the PortableApps.com_Ukraine_Suite_Setup_2022.04_XXX.paf.exe installer and select the language you would like to use during installation. The suite will be installed in the language you downloaded regardless of the language you select, allowing a host family or friend to set the suite up without needing to read Ukrainian or Russian.


To use the suite of apps, run Start.exe from where you installed it. All existing apps will be kept up to date and additional free apps can be installed from the app store.

Moving Between PCs

If installed to an external storage device like a USB flash drive or portable hard drive, the whole suite of apps can be moved between Windows PCs (Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11) and used with their data and settings intact. If installed to a local drive, the Start.exe platform starter and the PortableApps and Documents directories alongside it can be copied to an external storage device and then moved to another PC or carried with you.

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An effort to help the 4 million Ukrainian refugees.

Who have plenty of access to "PCs with a HDD or SSD, an external storage device like a USB flash drive or external hard drive, or within a synced cloud folder."

Yep, like they are carrying the rugged Dell around on their backs.


Why not send USBs already installed with PortableApps, Tor Browser, a few of the old Ultrasurf apps, maybe Psiphon would work. I don't know. Set up a secure VPN for them. Seriously, I think I would really do some damage if some idiot American offered me a program to download from some mythical PC in the sky. Solar power; it's not like they have electricity or even running water. Much less a cushy bed and safe home for the night. Man, you simply do not get it.

Phew . . . Americans. Wow! There isn't a word for them.

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Most refugees had to leave all their technology behind. They are staying with host families and often sharing their resources. This suite enables a host family in Germany, for example, to install the PA.c Ukraine Suite on their PC while running the installer and Windows itself in German for their guest family. The guest family can then use the PA.c Platform and all their software in their native language (Ukrainian or Russian) without impacting the local PC or the apps installed on there. This can be done on the local drive or on a USB drive. And, when they are ready to move on, they can take all their apps and data with them.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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As someone who lives in, and still resides in, Ukraine I can tell you that the target market here is not those of us sitting in a bomb shelter or hiding from Russian troops/artillery.

The target market is those of us forced from our homes into unusual living situations, living with people who have computers but may not have the same language demographics as would best fit us.

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Both language builds have been updated with the current versions of Firefox, Thunderbird, Telegram and LibreOffice as 2022.05.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Small thing, but you still showing right side. Many documents in this time are stored in electronic version. Move all to small pendrive are best solution to keep for dangerous moment.

Good job PortableApps. I happy you are with us so long !