Ventoy Portable 1.0.93 (bootable USB creator) Released

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Submitted by John T. Haller on July 17, 2023 - 6:18pm

A new version of Ventoy Portable has been released. Ventoy is an open source tool to create bootable USB drive for mutliple ISO/WIM/IMG/VHD(x)/EFI files. It's packaged in Format so it can easily integrate with the Platform. And it's open source and completely free.

Update automatically or install from the portable app store in the Platform.


ScreenshotVentoy is an open source tool to create bootable USB drive for ISO/WIM/IMG/VHD(x)/EFI files. With ventoy, you don't need to format the disk over and over, you just need to copy the ISO/WIM/IMG/VHD(x)/EFI files to the USB drive and boot them directly. You can copy many files at a time and ventoy will give you a boot menu to select them. You can also browse ISO/WIM/IMG/VHD(x)/EFI files in local disks and boot them. x86 Legacy BIOS, IA32 UEFI, x86_64 UEFI, ARM64 UEFI and MIPS64EL UEFI are supported in the same way. Most types of OS supported (Windows/WinPE/Linux/ChromeOS/Unix/VMware/Xen...). Ventoy Portable includes the x86, x64 and ARM64 builds of Ventoy and will automatically use the best one for each PC.

Learn more about Ventoy... Installer / Format

Ventoy Portable is packaged in a Installer so it will automatically detect an existing installation when your drive is plugged in. It supports upgrades by installing right over an existing copy, preserving all settings. And it's in Format, so it automatically works with the Platform including the Menu and Backup Utility.


Ventoy Portable is available for immediate download from the Ventoy Portable homepage. Get it today!

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