PortableApps.com Platform 12.0 Beta 3, Lead Developer Surgery, New Apps, and More

Greetings fellow portable-app-ers! We're sending out this quick newsletter to let you know that we've restarted development of the platform and have just posted the PortableApps.com Platform 12.0 Beta 3 release. It's a relatively minor release but it does include a ton of bug fixes as well as an updater/app store performance boost that will really make your day. You can get the complete details here:


We've also been busily releasing new apps again with gems like:

2048 Portable - An addictive puzzle game with multiple play styles
PDF-XChange Viewer Portable - An award-winning PDF viewer and editor
CPU-Z Portable - Get quick details on your system
GPU-Z Portable - Quick details on your video card
Q-Dir Portable - A powerful, lightweight file manager
... and lots more. You can view them all in our new releases feed:


We also wanted to let users know how our lead developer is progressing. He slipped on the ice in December and broke his ankle/leg and wound up needing surgery. He's recovering well and having a followup surgery today. You can follow along with his recovery and support him here:


Finally, if you're able to make a donation or able to sponsor the platform, we'd love your help. Our bandwidth costs keep going up as new users start using our platform and as we keep releasing more great freeware apps. Please click the following link to read more about donating and to make a donation today!


We'll be resuming monthly newsletter updates on our platform and new apps plus other goodies from here on out.

Thanks for reading. Stay portable!

- The PortableApps.com Team

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