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Exams ho!

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Submitted by Steve Lamerton on January 5, 2008 - 3:54pm

Just a quick heads up to say that I have got three exams next week so I probably won't be around much. If anyone is interested it's two maths exams and a physics exam, good fun or what Wink


is nice Smile
What exactly in math?
just curious...

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I'm am doing A Level maths & further maths from this specification (warning link to pdf). I will be doing the following modules:

Core 1-4 (Sat Core 1 today)
Decision 1 (Sitting on Friday)
Mechanics 1&2
Statistics 1&2
Further Pure 1-3

So basically at the moment it's a wide range of maths, although I'll specialise when I get to uni in a couple of years.

P.S. Basically (I'm not sure how much you know of the English school system) A Levels are done in the two years before university and your results dictate where you can go. Personally I'm hoping for a Russell Group university or evevn better of of the Golden Triangle bunch but we shall have to see!