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Quick (or maybe not) Update

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Submitted by Steve Lamerton on February 17, 2008 - 2:45pm

Wow, it´s basically a whole month since my lat post, how time flies! Exams are done and my coursework is submitted so I am now able to make some good progress again and things are starting to come togther.

Currently I plan to have three development tests of Toucan 2.0 before the pre-releases, they will go something like tihs:

Dev Test 1 - In this release Sync, Backup, Secure and their preview functions are all in and working, but that´s pretty much it. This release is to test Toucans core features.
Dev Test 2 - Portable variables and scripting is added, bug fixes from Dev Test 1.
Dev Test 3 - The rest of the functions are added, this includes command line & language support.

After these releases a pre-release will be issued along with translation material and a call for translations.

At the moment Secure is pretty much finished, all of Backup is done except for the preview system, and all of Sync apart from the preview system is done. It is because of this that I expect the first dev test in the next few weeks.

I also expect a version 1.2.2 release before 2.0 final. This will include a couple of minor bug fixes and a new translation, Spanish.

How you are all enjoying the 1.2.1 release and I´ll post more shortly,