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Submitted by Steve Lamerton on March 24, 2008 - 7:23am

With 2.0 Alpha 1 now out I thought I would give out a rough timeline of future developments, in chronological order Smile

Today/tomorrow: Spanish translation poll
In the next week: Assuming the poll comes up with an answer the next week should see the release of 1.2.2, which should be the last release in the 1.x series.
Two-three weeks: Alpha 2 released, this may come earlier, depending on when I get free time!


Hey you all.

Wassup? Smile

Ive just translated the .po file into my native language Portuguese from Brazil (pt_BR). To whom I should send this file?

And where will my name appear for this contribution? Blum


contact me at victor.westmann googlemail com


Victor Westmann

an email to steve.lamerton at the cool googlemail address.

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time line for what??? a portable application? or the latest version of the portableapps menu? The latest portableapps menu is holding at version 1.1 as I recall, and probably a new version won't be released for another 2-3 years like the timeline between 1.0 and 1.1 was, so if your talking about the portableapps menu, I don't believe it! not for a second! Smile For awhile there, I didn't think 1.1 was ever going to be released, kinda like how long we had to wait for phpBB to go into the 3.0.x era 10 freakin years after its initial promise. LOL

(ok, sorry, didn't know links weren't allowed in sigs, it does not say in the rules, so thanks for informing me.)