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aTunes and Columba in the Works

Submitted by Patrick Patience on March 28, 2008 - 10:54pm

After holding off on them for a while, I've finally decided to have a go at portablizing aTunes as well as Columba.

Both of these applications are Java applications. I was holding off for a bit until 'Java portable was finalized', but I think I'm fine assuming we're using the Common Files setup as uses until we get some more fine details about how and if we will be using Java portably. Since these are both relatively large programs, with lots of configuration, it should give them enough time to undergo some decent beta testing in the mean time.

For those who don't know, aTunes [Screenshot] is a full blown music player, and library organizer. It has tons of great features, including themes, album artwork, device support, and it plays lots of file formats. It'll be great for to have a portable music library organizer, with the addition of Songbird in the near future, too.

And as for Columba, it's a fantastic Mail client. Columba [Screenshot] is relatively the same size as Thunderbird, but has a really nice interface, is feature rich, has a nice calender component, and has basically everything one would want in an e-mail client. Development stopped last August, but it seems to be in a stable state, and I'd be surprised if someone doesn't pick it up at one point.

So, keep a look out for those coming into beta within the next couple of months.




Help! I'm a brand new Nvu (web site creator) user and I've created a home page graphic with text and would like to draw some boxes around certain parts of the picture and link them only, I haven't the faintest idea of how to do this with this application.

Any ideas?


Am I in the right place to ask this question?

I have been using aTunes in a non portable mode, and was looking into trying to make it portable, when I saw that someone was already working on it. Are you still planning to package aTunes as a portable app in the near future, and if so do you need any help testing it?


would songbird work?

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Seriously though, to the first guy: I'm gonna roll with Songbird, myself. If you still think aTunes would be a nice addition, go for it. I just don't have the time.

Songbird has had some Major Updates over the last few months. Unfortunately the Portable version hasn't kept up the pace for some time now. Would be great to see it updated though as it's the best alternative I've come across to iTunes. Advocate

This is my favourite music library/player and I'd love to see it go portable. Is this still on the horizon?

I was happy with Songbird when it was cross-platform, but now that project is dropping its cross-platform development, so I (and many people) need to find a new cross-platform full featured media player. As far as I can tell, Atunes is the best one. Is this a good enough reason to push for a portable version of Atunes now that Songbird fails the test?

(Amarok has an infrequently maintained Windows port. If it was maintained, and did not require installing the full Windows port of KDE it might be the top contender.)

jajuk? it is a java based program currently in Windows Linux and they are currently working on a Mac platform.

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