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Ideas for Programs - Updates and New

Submitted by Deuce on April 6, 2006 - 11:25am

Some Ideas for updates and new programs I have been throwing around in my head.
Well, I have been thinking about ideas over the last few weeks. Ideas for my programs as updates or new ideas for new programs or ways to fix problems. Here are a few I have come up with.


My Programs or Those I Help With - Possible Updates:

Registry Rapper:

  • The ability to have only one instance of regrapper.exe on the drive. Using either dynamically created INI files or static ones pointed to the exe location.
  • Creating the INI file on the fly by searching for the information within the directory structure. Not sure if this will add too much startup time to the program.
  • A INI file creator as a configuration program for regrapper.


  • Adding support for other archive formats.
  • Rebuilding page to include Archive format choice, Standard backup Location, and possibly other gui changes. (Petty stuff that bothers me.) Smile
  • Add backup file error checking.

New Ideas:

One-Click Drive Cleanup (Working Title):

  • This will be a drive cleanup program based on my own personal cleanup batch file. To remove things that are uneccesary on a usb drive or in another drive location. Such as temp files, backup files, old settings files and such that get left behind in the application folders. It will also cleanup things in the registry that are left during an application's runtime. (This will probably use regrapper search, not sure) Cleanup temp folders and the such.
  • This is still in my pre-pre-pre alpha stage (Basically an Idea, not written yet)

Lister (Work in Progress):

  • This would be a program that takes information typed in by a user from a form of some sort, and then writes it to a file. Simple I know, But it can be use for things such as book listings, Magazine listing, etc. I thought of this, as I need to catalog all the books in my house and it would work for me. A very small exe, runnning over and over adding the entries to a list, until the user clicks cancel, or something like that.


So far those are the ideas I have. There are more, but none with names or grounds for use. I will still be working on other launchers or stuff as requested by users in the forums as well. Any suggestions are welcome, just comment below.

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