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Past Portable Projects

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Submitted by Rob Loach on April 7, 2006 - 3:04am

I thought it was about time to post all of my past PortableApps-related projects. This is not only to show what I've done in the past when it comes to portable applications, but also to stand as an archive for my own personal use. I'll hopefully have the chance to turn these into actual project pages one day. Maybe when I get my new website up and running.

  • Portable WackGet
    WackGet is a simple download manager. Portable WackGet saves all settings in the application directory.
  • Portable Skype
    Due to some legal issues, you have to download Skype and put it into the skype directory in Portable Skype. Once you do that, you can carry your Skype where ever you go.
  • Portable Google Talk
    After many requests, I decided to make a portable version of GTalk.
  • PSPad - NSIS Integration
    Most of the portable applications in these suites use NSIS as their backend language. PSPad is an amazing portable notepad replace with compiling abilities. I wrote up this article to describe how to integrate NSIS into PSPad (with both syntax highlighting and compilation abilities).

That's about it for now. Thanks for reading and until next time, enjoy!