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Portable HM NIS Edit

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Submitted by Ryan McCue on April 12, 2006 - 1:54am

HowTo: Put HM NIS Edit on your USB drive.

HM NIS Edit is an NSIS editor and InstallOptions Designer. I love the fact that when you hover over a command, it gives you basic syntax, and when you click on a command and press F1, it brings up the help for that command.

Get it here:

The following tutorial assumes you already have HM NIS Edit.
HM NIS Edit will hereby be referred to as HMNE.

I was thinking the other day about having my favourite editor (PSPad) then I realised that I also needed HMNE. I thought, what do I need to do.

Change Save to the registry to Save to nisedit.ini in your Options. Run HMNE.
I am working on a launcher which will change the compiler info.
Check back soon!